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Ashley John Heather

Ashley John Heather – Associate Partner
Technology Venture Capital/Private Equity

Ashley HeatherAshley John Heather is a New York based technology guru who has always been interested in the intersect between business and technology.

Besides being a long time friend to Blackhawk and one of the Firm’s key partners and sounding board for technology related deals, Ashley is also a partner with JWALK, a unique marketing and investment firm… On one hand, being a culturally relevant marketing agency, on the other hand an investor in fast growing consumer product and technology companies.

A technology guru second to none, Ashley John Heather has over 15 years of experience in Silicon Alley having founded and operated a number of innovative media/tech companies including Entertainment Media Works, MusiKube and CuttingEdged Technologies and built in the process partnerships with leading interactive groups including ABC, AOL, CBS/Showtime, 20th Century Fox, Fremantle/19, Intel, Microsoft, MTV Networks, MySpace, and Virgin Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Univision.

Mr. Heather’s companies have received awards from the prestigious AlwaysOn Top 100 in Hollywood award in 2007 to European Interactive Consultancy of the Year in 2001.

Mr. Heather is also a frequent speaker at leading wireless/media industry events such as iBreakfast, CTIA Wireless, iWireless World, The Digital Media Summit, MoMeMo and the Digital Coast Roundtable and is regularly quoted in press including the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, with frequent appearances on NY1, CCN Headline News too.

Mr. Heather holds a BA in Economics from Sheffield University, England and is a board member of Nextcode Corporation, Cutting Edged Technologies, Zaah Technologies and co-founder of MoMeMo.org.