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Duane Adelson

Duane Adelson – Associate Partner
Venture Capital/ Security, Intelligence

Duane AdelsonDuane Adelson is a Texan based technologist and financier who has been involved in the defense industry including military technologies and cyber security matters for over two decades.

Besides being Blackhawk’s lead partner responsible for the Firm’s sourcing and advising of transactions in the space, Mr. Adelson is CEO and Managing Director of Modern Capital Strategies, Inc., (“MCS”) a private equity firm which provides funding, strategy, and Board of Director services, building and growing companies to enterprise value since the 1990’s.

Prior to founding MCS, Duane served as Director of Marketing and Corporate Competitive Strategy and Competitive Intelligence for Nortel Networks in their CLEC and Carrier Groups. Duane led a team that positioned Nortel as a business partner while supporting multiple sales and marketing teams across North America, Europe and Pacific Rim. He was directly involved in building Venture Capital relationships relating to “leap frog” technology and product line enhancements and investments that extended to relationships in the emerging CLEC markets.

In an executive exchange, Duane joined Nortel Networks leaving SandStream Communications & Entertainment, Inc. where he was one of the first five employees to help their efforts in an emerging global market. While at SandStream in the mid to late 1990’s, Duane served as the Assistant to the Chairman and Vice President of Administration and Human Resources. SandStream was one of the first to market companies developed from concept several technologies that converged voice, video, data and transmitted those signals from fiber optics to twisted pair.

Previously at Moonfire SA, as its Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Directors, Duane managed global operations of the Stockholm headquartered company with operations in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles and Dallas offices in building global strategy in a new technology market. As COO, Duane led the investment banking efforts while developing significant business relationships through contract negotiations with organizations like Ericsson, Sony and Warner, British Telecom, and others.

On a personal level, Duane, his wife and five children live in Texas. Originally, from Memphis Tennessee, he attended Texas A&M University, and holds a BS in Business Management and a MS in organizational dynamics and behavioral psychology degree from Columbia State, is a CPC and holds other certifications as well.