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Nick Zhao – China Partner

Nick Zhao – China Partner

Nick Zhao

Nick (Mengyang) Zhaois an economic researcher and political analyst based in Chicago.

Nick was born in China in 1987 and moved to the US when he was 12 years old.

Nick was brought up in Washington state when he was influenced by his then step father Larry Abraham, a famous economist and conservative analyst.

Nick attended the University of Chicago and graduated with double degrees in Economics and in Political Science. After graduation, Nick decided to remain in Chicago and became a local researcher and analyst at the University of Chicago (including the Booth School of Business and Becker Friedman Institute).

Over the years, Nick has published papers on “the Role of Natural Gas in the Future,” “Comparison of China and Walmart,” and other abstract articles concerning the Chinese economic developments in the past decades and other worldwide topics.

Nick is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has been interviewed by multiple major media in China as a rising star in terms of China-US Economic affairs.

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