Ziad K Abdelnour
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"Ziad Abdelnour is truly a rare find. His passion for success does not fully capture his enthusiasm for total victory -- and nothing short of total victory will suffice for Ziad. Ziad often says that he has more than 300 mentors as he has read and studied more than 300 biographies of tremendous individuals from all walks of life. Therefore it is no surprise to me that Ziad is smart, savvy, skilled and most of all, Ziad is real. He will tell you how it is without any fanfare. I not only respect Ziad, but I've come to love him as my brother. Ziad is not your typical banker, he is an advocate for entrepreneurship and he will work his ass off for those he trusts and believes in. You cannot find a better financial advisor or lead investor than Ziad and Blackhawk Partners"

- Ronald Achs on 02 Nov 2009All Testimonials