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  • "Ziad Abdelnour is one of the real movers-and-shakers in the globalizing business environment. His extensive experience in global investment banking and private equity, plus his generosity in sharing his insights with others, makes him one of my most valued professional colleagues"

    - Christian Mayaud, Managing Director, the Verticom Group on 04 Apr 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a man of principal. He is charismatic and a very resourceful person. What I appreciate the most about him is his ability to share and articulate his vast knowledge of this industry without expectations which makes him a rare breed in this business. I consider myself privileged to ...   Read more

    - Kam Nasabi, Principal, KAMA Enterprises LLC on 03 Apr 2006
  • "I find Blackhawk Partners to be an extremely professional, highly intelligent group of people and a pleasure to work with"

    - Robert Ainbinder? on 02 Apr 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is the consummate financier. He is a man of integrity and incredible focus. Because of his keen intellect, energy and drive, he enjoys growing success in his business and political interests. He is a leader and yet takes time to mentor and help others reach their full potential. I ex ...   Read more

    - Margaret Orem, CEO, ExecSolution Inc on 01 Apr 2006
  • ""If there is a person that has the skills, intellect and network of Ziad Abdelnour I am unaware...He will give you the shirt off his back to help and is one of the nicest human beings to boot...his knowledge of the industry has few peers""

    - Andrew 'Flip' Filipowski , CEO SilkRoad Technology, Inc on 01 Apr 2006
  • "It is very seldom that one stumbles upon a man that not only has vision, integrity and professionalism, but also is a true leader, mentor and almost a father to the individuals with whom he does business with and spends quality time with. Ziad Abdelnour not only encompasses all of these traits, yet ...   Read more

    - Santiago Vitagliano, The SAVI Group on 03 Nov 2005
  • "With Blackhawk Partners, the deal will get done, done right, done quickly, and you always know where you stand. If you are not interested in closing quickly with professionals all around and having everything straight up, you should go elsewhere. If you are, Blackhawk Partners is it no question and ...   Read more

    - Franco Scalamandre, President, Sterling Atlantic on 25 Oct 2005
  • "Given the honor of knowing Ziad Abdelnour, is truly a once in a lifetime event. The energy, dedication, and passion are contagious to anyone associated with him and his Team. Relationships are built on trust and when you get to know Ziad Abdelnour, he becomes your sincere friend. I am thrilled to c ...   Read more

    - George Becker on 05 Sep 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a great person with strong values and beliefs. He is full of energy and ideas and he gives a lot of inspiration to the people around him. He is very direct and gets to the point quickly - this guarantees a fast moving process, when Blackhawk Partners is involved"

    - Finn Majlergaard on 02 Sep 2005
  • "Dear Ziad: Thanks for the opportunity and the efforts that you made to level the playing fields of global finance. Time is my scarcest commodity but an indulgent allowance is made to Blackhawk. I cannot elaborate on the testimonials below as they speak volumes of the visionary you are. Best of luck ...   Read more

    - Gavin McInnes on 30 Aug 2005