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  • "Blackhawk Partners are a group of maverick no nonsense straightforward financiers who tell you how they see it. As to Ziad, he is master of using the best intelligence to get the deal done. If you are looking to get the job done, Ziad is your man and Blackhawk your Firm. Their approach is so refres ...   Read more

    - Mark Minevich, Founding Partner, Global Billions Club (GBC) on 31 Oct 2009
  • "Blackhawk Partners is a group of very forward thinking and creative individuals. They are extremely well connected in the financial world. I look forward to working with them on several of our finance projects"

    - Barbara Bickham, Founder, CEO, TechGenii, Inc. on 26 Oct 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is a very experienced and passionate investor who gets things done. He is pragmatic, sharp and driven by vision and challenge. His track record speaks for itself: He is a true wealth and value generator"

    - Philippe Sayegh, Associate Director, Stelae Technologies on 13 Oct 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is a very energetic and astute finance professional. Unlike many in his role, he is very straightforward and blunt and sees no value or need in vacillating or beating around the bush. He is very well connected within many different communities and has significan ...   Read more

    - Alan Braverman, Partner, Private Equity Group, US Trust on 13 Oct 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is truly a thought provoking and greatly motivating individual. Every time I meet or speak with him he delivers the goods whether it was what you want to hear or not he will bring out the best in you and give you every opportunity to get better and find you high ...   Read more

    - Thomas Duffy (LION], Owner, Venture Capital International LLC on 09 Oct 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is such an inspiration to me. Not only is he a very brilliant investment banker, but he is also a remarkable individual that I can look up to. Ziad is a real intelligent partner and excels in everything that he does. He is extremely professional and his sense of ...   Read more

    - Naima Moore, CEO and Founder, The Elite Investment Group LLC on 05 Oct 2009
  • "Blackhawk Partners should be and will be a case study for academics who are looking for drivers of success in international business. I hope we will continue to develop business opportunities over the next 25 years"

    - Michel Renirie, Owner, Renirie Advisory on 05 Oct 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is the most tireless, driven, passionate person I have ever met. I am greatly impressed by his knowledge, intuition, and business and networking prowess. I am confident that whatever Ziad touches will be executed in the most thorough, excellent, result-oriented ...   Read more

    - nna Collier, Analyst, Goldman Sachs on 04 Oct 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is top notch, extremely to the point and very well connected. Not only understands the whole cycle and beyond thinking, but a trustworthy individual, all the aspect a good human and a business man needs to outstand the rest, look forward to work with Blackhawk a ...   Read more

    - Henrik Zitny on 04 Oct 2009
  • "Always reliable... Always positive... They are the definition of can do.."

    - Antoine Crassa, Vice President - Financial & Investment Advisor, JPM Chase on 04 Oct 2009