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Katherine Malmay-Bazemore

Katherine Malmay-Bazemore Associate Partner
Biotechnology Investments/Private Equity
Katherine Malmay-BazemoreKatherine-Malmay Bazemore has been involved in financial and entrepreneurial activities for over thirty -five years.  A serial entrepreneur& a patented inventor, Katherine has launched businesses in the sciences, financial services, and energy segments. Katherine is founder and CEO of Alabama based Holding company, Cocoon Resources, Inc.(Cocoon). Cocoon acts as an accelerator and global connector of integrated initiatives supplying technology, processes and leadership.  Katherine also serves as President and CEO in the Cocoon invested company, Volatile Analysis Corporation. Under Katherine’s leadership, Volatile Analysis has developed a strong Intellectual Property portfolio and services business that supports its billion plus valuation today and has been featured on global news sites like Fox News, BBC, and others. Katherine’s recent activities include global expansion of deals into China, Israel, India, and many other countries.

Katherine is a philanthropist through stock grants to many non-profits that tie internationally into her goals and objectives of continuing the build out of a network of organizations to accomplish deals that will allow for profit and not for profit partnerships integrating social entrepreneurship.  Katherine supports a non-profit organization, One Heart for Israel, to demonstrate the impact of the principles of the start-up nation for solving global problems and have all nations blessed.

 Katherine is Past Chair of the American Chemical Society, North Alabama Chapterand also serves on the Board of Directors of Cocoon Resources, Inc., Volatile Analysis Corporation, and Zaen Energy Corporation.

 Katherine’s role with Blackhawk Partners will be contributing to deal flow, diligence activities of corporate investments, co-investment, and as an advisor in the biotechnology industry, all through her holding company Cocoon.