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  • Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence – Facing and Curbing the Imminent Threat

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 26 Dec 2017

    Many of us don’t even realize to what extent Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have already become a part of our daily lives. Every time you book an Uber, your app uses machine learning to minimize your wait time, determine the price of your ride, and match you with other passenge...

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  • Building Your Real Estate Empire

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 12 Dec 2017

    As Donald Trump once said, if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big. No one enters real estate to settle for mediocre portfolio or claim they’re only doing it to make ends meet. If you’re entering the real estate industry, you’re taking on its challenges because the very though...

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  • The Secret Behind Private Equity’s Growth and High Rates of Return

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 28 Nov 2017

    Private equity buyouts have hit the highest level in the past decade with firms accounting for $143.7 billion in the first half of 2017. According to data from Thomson Reuters, the volume of deals involving private equity firms climbed 29 percent to $143.7 billion in the first half of the year, th...

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  • Physical Commodities Trading: How Do You Make the Real Money?

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 22 Nov 2017

    Dealing with the physical commodities trading world for over a decade now, I am often asked this question Well let me make it very simple for you hoping to address it in as much detail as I can Significantly different from the paper trading that banks mainly stick to, the physical commodities ...

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  • 5 Essential Elements to Your Success as a Real Estate Developer in NYC

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 17 Nov 2017

    Surely you’ve heard that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And if you’re aiming to make it big in real estate in the Big Apple, then you’re hoping to take a bite out of a multi-billion industry. But what does it take to fall into the ranks of the richest New York real ...

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  • What I learned in my long career analyzing and investing in global markets

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 23 Oct 2017

    After a few decades investing in the markets I am coming to realize that to make money in such markets you have to first and foremost think independently and be humble. You have to be an independent thinker because you can’t make money agreeing with the consensus view, which is already embedded in...

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  • The Ultimate "Blackhawk Partners" Cheat Sheet for Starting and Running Your Business

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 03 Oct 2017

    For all of you showing us deals to be funded, I thought of sharing this with you in order to avoid wasting your time and ours. We analyze over 2,000 propositions a year. Time to be focused. This is by the way a bullet FAQ we share with people looking from us for funding - especially when starting...

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  • Disrupting the real estate market using big data and machine learning

    By: Ziad K. Abdelnour | 17 Apr 2017

    In the housing search space, all eyes are on the two Juggernauts: Zillow and realtor.com/ Newscorp.  And most of the discussion is about who has more listings, who has a better UI, etc….  However, there has not been a lot of talk about the innovations that will reshape the industry. Here ar...

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  • My predictions for the Venture Capital Industry in the next decade

    By: Ziad K. Abdelnour | 17 Apr 2017

    I am always and often asked this question…. I thought I would finally share my feedback with you Bottom Line: I strongly believe that: Traditional VCs will look more and more like full-stack professional services firms. Remember those dark ages when your early investors, late-stage invest...

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  • My Top predictions for the Trump regime now in power

    By: ziad k abdelnour | 23 Jan 2017

    When I said back in June 16, 2015 (the day he kicked off his campaign for president) that Trump will be our next President, everyone laughed at me and told me I was insane… Never in a million years this would ever happen they said on and on again. Well, I did not waiver and told all that they w...

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