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Monthly Archives: October 2013

What is Wrong with the Fed’s Policies?

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 21 October 2013
It is clear today – five years after our last crisis of 2008 – that the Federal Reserve’s program of “Large Scale Asset Purchases” (LSAP) is a losing proposition. It is undeniable that the Fed has conducted an all-out effort to restore no...

It is all a Band Aid…. Nothing has Really Changed

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 17 October 2013
As Congressman Ron Paul once said: “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking”. Wise words from a wise man indeed. It is a fact that almost every Fed chairman in the past 60 years has manipulated...

About the basic Facts you Need to know when Trading Physical Gold Bullion

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 1 October 2013
As part of Blackhawk’s close group of family and friends; and to set the record straight, I thought I’d share with you those important facts you need to know if you’re actively involved in trading Physical Gold Bullion. Please do not take this...