Ziad K Abdelnour Addressing FPC Event
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  • Think About it: The Mental Exercise Every Successful Person Needs

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 27 May 2022

    A person's most powerful tool is the unconscious thought that they have about themselves. Because guess what happens if you allow yourself to get convinced that you'll never be able to lead the life that you've always dreamed of living? You'll never make it to your destination! You have to have f...

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  • Donated Crypto Assets to Ukraine? Your Livelihood is Now at Risk

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 07 Apr 2022

    URGENT: Our ally desperately needs our help! Quick, donate all of your crypto assets to Ukraine because this will protect them from the big, evil Russians…this is the bullshit the media will lead you to believe. Is this really an effort to help Ukraine or is it really an attempt to keep you poor a...

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  • The Media Strikes Again: Don’t Fall for the Anti-Russian Hype

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 01 Apr 2022

    Has the world gone mad? The media is back at its manipulative antics and once again people are feeding right into it. There has been so much hype around the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is something that has absolutely nothing to do with the US, yet this news is penetrating our homes daily. Are...

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  • Crypto: There’s No Playing it Safe

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 29 Mar 2022

    There’s been a major shift in investment strategies over the past couple years. More and more people are moving away from the stock market and investing funds into crypto. While this can be a smart move, the problem is a lot of you are newbies looking to get rich quick and have a strong ignorance ...

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  • Massive Psyops in Play

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 24 Mar 2022

    How do you take control of the world? Especially wearing pastel sweaters to cover your skinny-fat body and talking like Kermit the Frog? How does that work, really? Well, if you’re Kill Gates and his friends Soros and Schwab, you create massive psyops that will lead the feeble of mind and me...

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  • Be the Great White Shark

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 21 Feb 2022

    Wealth creation and the financial empowerment to truly live a life of freedom and prosperity doesn't just come out of thin air. Despite what a lot of social “gurus” will try to sell you, building REAL wealth is not some get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work, and I'm not just talking...

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  • Who Can You Trust?

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 15 Dec 2021

    It’s time for some of you all to get real. You can’t trust everything that you are told. “Authority” does not equate to truth. Knowledge holds the truth. If you don’t learn to do your research and think for yourself, you are totally screwed. Let’s take the Covid vaccine for instance. ...

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  • It’s Not Over Just Yet

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 06 Dec 2021

    “All hail our almighty savior Bill Gates and the vaccine that saved the day!” The beliefs of a true imbecile It’s stunning just how many people really believed that the vaccine would bring about the end of the global Covid pandemic simply because that's the dream that public officials an...

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  • A Few Tips for Success in the Midst of Economic Hardship

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 18 Oct 2021

    If you are used to living an easy life and being able to spend most of your time worrying about having enough cash and how to save it for your future, the uncertain economic status of things right now can feel like the end of the world. But, despite the pressures of a sluggish economy, there are way...

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  • Why People Have Lost Faith in Capitalism

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 04 Oct 2021

    America used to be the great land of opportunity...that was until deception and corruption began to get in the way of those opportunities. While this idealized image of America still exists, there is a major problem that exists. The problem is that big corporations and their political puppets ...

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