Ziad Abdelnour Team
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Our Values


Our approach fosters the highest level of professionalism, personal ownership and entrepreneurial spirit in all our people while never compromising on their well-being. This is important to our success and the superior returns we aim to achieve for all our stakeholders.

High quality standards

We endeavor to maintain high standards of service, business conduct and product quality every day. We understand our responsibility to our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. This requires the highest standards of quality throughout  our operations.


We value relationships and communication based on integrity, co-operation, transparency and mutual benefit with our people, our customers, our suppliers, governments and society in general.


Our rigorous investment approach is consistent across all investment types and based on extensive due diligence. We draw upon our substantial transactional expertise and retain a sharp focus on capital preservation while striving to deliver attractive returns. Operational improvement is key to much of the value we create. We are committed to achieving the best long-term outcomes for our businesses and investments.


We take a flexible, opportunistic investment approach that is not anchored to any single geography, industry, transaction structure or size. The common denominator is our focus on investments and trading opportunities that can drive value-creation. We are known for focusing our resources on a diverse range of opportunities, such as build-ups, growth capital and buyouts to create wealth for all concerned..