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About Us

Blackhawk Partners, Inc., is a private “family office” that has two major lines of business.

Physical Commodities Trading

Blackhawk Partners, Inc., is a reliable trader and supplier of a wide range of commodities to industrial and financial consumers globally.

The Firm’s role is to be a trustworthy and competitive partner to businesses in the segments of the market which it serves and to support those businesses as they expand and develop.

The Firm’s customers around the world rely upon Blackhawk as a source of Metals and Minerals and Crude Oil and Oil Derivative Products.

These products originate either from Blackhawk directly or indirectly owned assets, or are secured by Blackhawk from third parties.

The Firm believes that success in commodities trading comes through genuine long-term commitment to all elements in the production and trading process.

Private Equity Investments & Advisory Services

Blackhawk Partners, Inc., is also a firm that serves as both an advisor to and an investor in its clients.

The Firm’s main role is to act as lead sponsor in “cash flow generating” management-led buyouts, strategic equity investments, equity private placements, consolidations and buildups, along with growth capital financing throughout the asset class categories.

The Firm is industry agnostic and does invest globally as long as it is dealing with the right “operators”.

Unlike many private family offices, venture groups and other hedge funds, Blackhawk Partners, Inc., does not generally back ideas, start-up situations, private equity or other hedge funds, project finance or Greenfield opportunities. The Firm does though work aggressively – through various holding company structures –  with experienced operators seeking to partner with the Firm for traditional buyouts, recapitalizations and growth and acquisition capital financing.

The firm is not a US securities broker dealer and is not involved in any business that would require registration as a broker-dealer or registered investment advisor.