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Why the right education is THE solution to our prosperity

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 6 July 2023
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In recent years, reading, math, science, and other scores have been plummeting in America.  Schools are not teaching students to read, to do math, to understand the scientific method, or to think critically.  Because some races poll lower than the average in accomplishment, and some poll higher than the average, teachers and school boards around the country are dumbing down teaching and testing so that no one fails.  This allows the failures to feel good about themselves and angers the overachievers because they are being dumbed down, too.

It is beyond infuriating that our once-proud public school system cannot now graduate competent people.  Many can’t even read.  But they certainly graduate students who feel good about themselves, which is all that matters to the leftist educationists. Making students actually be made to work hard toward a goal is too white privilege-y, too entitled.  As a result, at least two generations of public school and college students graduate knowing nothing of value.  By “value” I mean how to support themselves, how to contribute to the culture, how to build things, how to delay gratification, or how to create things that matter.  Instead, we’ve got the “Pride Generations”, two of them, who are quite proud of themselves for being trans or gay, or straight and unaccomplished, which seems to be inordinately important to them.  These intellectual ciphers will become drains on the producers and will continue to be a disfiguring scar on the face of our country.

America’s schools and colleges, by not demanding excellence and by teaching courses geared to racial/sex differences, is lowering the national I.Q. not just for blacks, but for whites, Asians, Indians, and everyone else.  It is a classically liberal mindset: rather than raise the bar to encourage excellence, they lower it to the lowest achievers, believing that excellence and merit are too “white.”

This criminally negligent educating crushes the intellect.  Most people, with few exceptions, can learn what is taught by competent teachers, but when the teachers teach grievance, privilege, sexual deviancy, and do not hold students to high academic standards, they lower America’s I.Q.  You cannot be a genuinely productive human being when all you care about is victimhood and grievance.  Demanding virtue of others while eschewing it yourself is not a recipe for success.

Educating for individual success is a good thing, but altruism in education is fatal.  You cannot raise I.Q. by telling children and young adults that they are wonderful “just the way they are.”  That lowers the bar even more and kills incentive.

If we don’t start fixing our education system immediately, we will keep digging our hole even deeper and our competitiveness will keep going down the drain.

Time for radical change