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How incompetent can the West’s Foreign Policy be?

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 17 October 2023
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We are at a crisis point in history the likes of which has not been seen since World War I (1914). The leadership of Biden and the West at large has been so incompetent that we may have passed the point of no return.

So, what is really happening out there?

Today, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and is taking major unexpected losses. One may not like Ukraine’s Zelensky, but Putin is the aggressor. And Russia became isolated from the US and its allies, though India, China and other nations continue to buy oil and trade with Russia.

So also, being somewhat isolated – not as much as it should be – Iran decided to come to Russia’s aid by selling drones to Russia – thus making much needed money, while equipping Russia’s faltering war effort.

Going a step further, Iran has even agreed to move some of its drone production to Russia. Russia needs those drones, and the military technology and production that Iran can provide. So, moving production to Russia seems to be a win-win for both of them.

Now, with the move of Iranian production to Russia, Iran has insulated its manufacturing facilities from direct Israeli attacks – though there is always the option of Stuxnet variety malware attacks.

Russia has also agreed to return enriched uranium to Iran and is overtly assisting an intended destroyer of the Jewish state.

To that end – the destruction of Israel – the Iranians have also armed Hezbollah to the teeth in Lebanon.

Hezbollah has today an estimated 100,000 short-range rockets capable of striking northern Israel, several thousand missiles that can reach Tel Aviv and central Israel and hundreds more that can strike the entire country.

Given that Iran subscribes to a martyrist view of Jihad, a major loss of life would not deter Iran from a war in order to achieve its aim of destroying Israel. The Jews however want to live and given Israel’s diminutive size – where 1 nuclear weapon could wipe out a large part of the country – Israel has no options but to preemptively attack Iran, with or without American approval.

When that attack comes, it may require Israel to use nuclear bunker busters to demolish Iran’s well sunken and fortified manufacturing sites. The genie would be out of the bottle. Russia may then decide to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, citing Israel’s use in Iran as a precedent.

All hell would break loose.

The equation will boil down to this: Either a million Lebanese and Arab civilians die in a few days, or a million Jews. Syria and Lebanon will be destroyed, possibly also the Russian naval base at Tartus.

World War III may be only days away. Only a spark is needed.

None of this would have happened, if the re-election of Trump had not been. The Trump administration had Iran on the verge of economic collapse.

Brace yourselves.