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Yearly Archives: 2014

The most Important Lessons I’ve Learned in my Business Career

By : Ziad K Abdelnour| 8 September 2014
Over the years, one of the questions I’ve been asked most frequently is “What are the most important lessons I have learned in my business career?” Well here are the 10 basic ones which I still apply in my everyday life. 1. Take car...

On the Challenges and Opportunities We See in the Defense Industry

By : Ziad K Abdelnour| 29 July 2014
The Pentagon was declared the big winner of the massive federal budget bill that Congress passed for fiscal year 2014. The spending bill approves $497 billion for the Defense Department, or about the same as in 2013. The Pentagon gets an additional $...

Are the Tech and Software Sectors Close to Eating the World?

By : Ziad K Abdelnour| 30 June 2014
Not even in your wildest dreams …. as I believe we are just at the beginning of a revolution still at its embryonic stage. For a start, you might think that tech is today in a bubble as a company whose sole product is a photo sharing app in whi...

About Closing Crude Oil Derivatives Related Transactions

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 5 March 2014
We at Blackhawk are approached by at least 500 supposed providers and sellers of oil derivative and other crude oil products a year and yet maybe only 2% of such providers have access to real product. Surprised? You shouldn’t be at all. As you...

Oil, Technology and What Makes the World Go Round

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 29 January 2014
Being both an oil trader and financier and tech investor, I am frequently asked about my general views on the oil and tech sectors at large given the ever changing financial and political disturbances out there. Well for a start, you might think that...

Strategy or Execution

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 13 January 2014
I am approached every year by hundreds of entrepreneurs with great ideas, great strategies but no track record of execution – all seeking funding for their respective ventures – and I turn them down one after the other for a lack of track...