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Alijandra Mogilner

Alijandra Mogilner – Managing Partner
Venture Capital- Security, Intelligence
Dr. Alijandra Mogilner is a San Diego based entrepreneur who has successfully helped develop over the last 10 years a wide range of businesses from virtual pharma in China, green building technologies in the US, to natural resources in Africa.

Besides being one of Blackhawk’s key partners in developing the Firm’s business in the security/intelligence space, Alijandra is very knowledgeable about various aspects of developing overseas corporations and facilitating legal presence in areas with particular tax and personal wealth advantages and advantageous economic structures in the United States. Her personal clients have included a British conglomerate; an oil trading company in Panama and Geneva, and those involved in a wide range of other endeavors from famous artists to cyber security. In the area of green development she has been involved in SIPs, natural materials for insulation, vertical axis wind mills, hydroponic farming, and deeply buried structural exoskeletons.

In other areas, Alijandra is an expert on counter terrorism and has been a member of the President’s Special Task Force on Terrorism, helped train the NYPD cyber counter-terrorism unit, and has acted as a consultant to the Fox national news channel.

Alijandra has done futurist work for the US government and business. She is currently particularly interested in electromagnetism; biotechnology, technology for learning enhancement; clean water technology; nanotechnology; and the transportation of mass at a quantum level (teleportation) as enterprises on the horizon that will change the world.

Alijandra holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México as well as personal studies in various cultures. She uses her background to focus on her work internationally. As a result, she has developed an eclectic network of long term business and security relationships.

On a personal note, Alijandra studies and works with the principals of Maneuver Warfare and prefers to use complimentary teams designed for each project rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. She is also deeply interested in what has been, until recently, the use of conceptual physics in a real world setting. She is the author of a half dozen trade books, two text books, hundreds of magazine articles, and was considered for a Pulitzer prize for her graded thesaurus. Dr. Mogilner’s work has been translated into over 40 languages and has been listed in Who’s Who in America for over 10 years. She is involved in helping those in intelligence as well as military veterans and their families and sits on the board, or is a trustee, of a half a dozen charities.