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Andrew Eros

Andrew Eros – Associate Real Estate Partner

Andrew ErosFor over 30 years Andrew has participated in successful start-ups, raised over $300 million in venture capital, and served as CEO of several Aerospace, Aviation, and Technology companies. He currently serves both as CEO of Aeros Development Group and as a partner of Aereos LLC, an aerospace portfolio Management Company.

Andrew has excellent industry relationships and a strong track record of originating acquisitions, including: Atlas Aerospace and MMI Precision Manufacturing (now Euless Aero Components). Atlas Aerospace is an FAA Certified Part 145 Repair Station focused on the repair and overhaul of major OEM hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical components and assemblies. MMI Precision manufactures flight critical components for the aerospace industry.

Superior leadership, management skills, and strong business ethics have led to trusted relationships with investors, suppliers, and customers, and employees.

Mr. Eros has lectured about technology and aerospace in the US, Europe and Asia; focused on implementing wireless technology for asset security; biometric product development; business start-ups; and corporate aircraft ownership.

Andrew studied Aviation Management at San Jose State University, is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), and an instrument-rated pilot with 4400 hours of flight time in 10 different aircraft categories.