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Who Can You Trust?

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 15 December 2021
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It’s time for some of you all to get real. You can’t trust everything that you are told. “Authority” does not equate to truth. Knowledge holds the truth. If you don’t learn to do your research and think for yourself, you are totally screwed.

Let’s take the Covid vaccine for instance. They have scared you into going to get the vaccine. They promised you protection from the big, scary virus. They promised you would keep your jobs if you received the vaccine. They promised no more invasive Covid tests if you took their vaccine. They promised it was safe.

Your local government made you feel as if it was safe again…. but only if you had the vaccine. Your employers made you feel that getting the vaccine would equate to job security. Your neighbors made you feel as if this was the “right” thing to do. So, many of you went out and got it.

Of course, for a little while, it seems as if the vaccines were working. The media frenzy calmed down. We didn’t hear about as many new cases. We didn’t hear about the hospitalizations. People began to return to work. Life was good, right?

Absolutely not! The false sense of safety was nothing more than deception. The covid rates did not drop due to the vaccine, they simply became under-reported and had no more media pushes for the numbers. Nearly 100,000 new cases turn up in the US daily. However, we no longer get daily updates on the numbers from our local news stations. They also don’t want to have to expose the fact that most of these cases are people who have already received the vaccine.

The very people you trusted to give you the truth about the Covid vaccine, kept major things from you. For instance, it went from taking 2 shots for full protection, to requiring a recurring booster shot to “REALLY” be protected. Also, were you aware that there is only one vaccine that is technically FDA approved, the rest are just authorized to be administered. Not to mention, they will never emphasize the fact that we have almost ZERO understanding of the long-term effects. They fail to broadcast that it’s been proven that these vaccines do not interact well with certain immune compromised individuals.

Jobs changed their tune as well. Take the state of Missouri instance, their teachers and school employees were initially told that if they had the option of taking the vaccine or else, they would have to endure the invasive Covid testing weekly. Many employees jumped at the opportunity to avoid their nose being constantly violated, so they opted to take the vaccine. A couple months later, weekly Covid test is becoming mandatory regardless of vaccination status, leaving a lot of employees outraged because they would have never gotten the vaccine if it wasn’t for the original promise of avoiding covid tests. This is happening to organizations across the globe and just goes to show that you cannot trust everything you are told.

However, if you stop trusting what you are told and do the research for yourself, you will know the real facts. You could make decisions that best benefit you rather than fit into the agenda of the people benefiting from scare-a-tactics.

For God’s sake, wake up and get your shit together. Do not let people who really don’t care about you dictate your life. DO YOUR RESEARCH and take back control of your decisions because this is YOUR LIFE.

Because at the end of the day, the only person you can really trust to make the best decisions for you is yourself.