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Certificate Of Vaccination ID & AI The Mark of the Beast

By : Faiz Uddin| 24 August 2020
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What covid19 really means

Are you still sleeping on the pandemic that’s happening right before our eyes? Well..you better wake up and wake up fast as� this one thing can cost you your freedom. Your livelihood is at serious risk. Your way of life is slowly disappearing as you know it. Pretty soon, you’ll be a slave to the commands of the globalist agenda

Don’t believe me? Check out this video breaking down what COVID-19 really means� C- certificate O- of V- vaccination ID- identification 19- AI-artificial intelligence

Ziad K Abdelnour vehemently believes that they are pushing you to get to a point where you are required to get a vaccine and let them inject you with God knows what. “You’ll be required to show your proof of vaccination for everything! Buying and selling, going back to work, enrolling in school, even traveling” says Ziad. Notice the pandemic has us boxed in a corner, right where they want us. You’re laid off from your job. Reopening schools has been utter chaos. Other countries won’t even accept us as tourists at this point. They’ll try to convince you that the only way to regain a sense of normalcy is to get the vaccine. However, this is far from the truth.

The second part of this is the 19 aka the AI. They’ll use artificial intelligence to track your every move. Ask yourself, why else will Bill Gates, a man who made his fortune off of technology, have such a vested interest in health. So much so that he has become the number one donor to the WHO. Last time I checked, Bill Gates wasn’t a licensed medical expert, nor does he have a medical degree. Why in the world would anyone take medical advice from him, let alone why would the WORLD health organization follow his lead? It’s because he is basically buying his way into world control and trust me your health is the least of his concerns. If it was, he would be spending more time trying to eradicate diseases that are really killing people at high rates rather than hyping up some planned virus that only has a .0026% death rate.

Leave it up to the self-proclaimed atheist to lead the Antichrist movement. Pay close attention. If you don’t know the bible, it’s probably time you open the good book and really take a look. This is the mark of the beast and the stories of the bible are unfolding right before our eyes. This is why I can’t express enough that deep spiritual warfare is brewing. If you want any chance of surviving, it’s time to do the deep inner work and get connected with the Lord. These global elitists are really evil spirited and at this point, they are putting in less and less effort to hide it. Their true colors are starting to show. The rapture is near.

However, we shall not move forward with ignorance in our minds and fear in our hearts. We have to take a stand and trust God has our souls covered. We must follow the guidance of the Lord and not let the propaganda put out there control our minds. Most importantly, we have to say NO to these vaccines that they are trying to force upon us. Look at the facts for yourself and make educated decisions. Protect your soul at all costs. Meditate and pray daily to stay in-tune with your soul and the holy spirit. God is the almighty and will always prevail.

Ziad K. Abdelnour, Chairman, President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners Inc, is widely regarded as one of the world’s top business leaders. In addition to being a best-selling author, he is also a founder and Chairman of the board of theFinancial Policy Council.

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