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Donated Crypto Assets to Ukraine? Your Livelihood is Now at Risk

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 7 April 2022
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URGENT: Our ally desperately needs our help! Quick, donate all of your crypto assets to Ukraine because this will protect them from the big, evil Russians…this is the bullshit the media will lead you to believe. Is this really an effort to help Ukraine or is it really an attempt to keep you poor and stupid? You decide.

Over $63 million in crypto assets have been donated to the Ukrainian government in a matter of weeks. Yet, this is something that has absolutely nothing to do with us. Why are you willingly giving away your wealth again? Oh yea simply because the news told you to. What a load of crap.

The crypto industry has arguably been one of the best ways to accumulate wealth these past few years and we all know what wealth leads to…freedom. Are you really willing to sacrifice your freedom for the sake of “feeling good” about yourself? If so, congratulations, you are an idiot. When you run out of wealth and are overly dependent on government aid for survival, who will rescue you. It surely won’t be the Ukrainians who you have given all of your assets to.

Here’s how it works. You have to secure your own position before you can help people. If you give all of your wealth away prematurely, there’s no chance for you to help out in ways that really count. This short-term solution will not only lack long term resolution for the Ukrainian issue at hand, but it will also deplete you of your ability to uplift yourself and the community around you which really counts. There are countless causes here close to home that you could have contributed to, yet you were manipulated into assuming the responsibility of a country thousands of miles away. How is this possible?

The lack of leadership that your president has is unbelievable. He will do anything to distract you from the fact that he cannot deliver on all of the false promises that he made during his campaign. Not to mention, he will rob you blind in the process. His socialist tactics are nothing new. Take a look throughout history. How many times have we gotten involved in war that we could have avoided? How many times will you fall for the propaganda? I guess this is not surprising, after all we’re talking about people who couldn’t even wrap their heads around the truth about 9/11.

Time to wake up and realize that these external wars are not the threat to your livelihood. It is your own government. And as long as you allow them, they will continue to manipulate you into believing your safety is at risk. They will suck you dry of all of your riches. They will create false problems to keep you dependent. They will keep you from living the life of freedom that you desire.

In the eyes of the socialist leadership that we are currently under, you are nothing more than a number. Someone who needs to remain poor and stupid to ensure globalist dictatorship. Be smarter than this. Stop supporting war and start supporting yourself because at the end of the day, your responsibility lies within you, your family and your community. Do not let them distract you from the bigger picture.