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Empowering a Successful Run

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 26 July 2022
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A lot of things motivate me, but at the end of the day, it’s making a difference. Remember Niccolo Machiavelli? “One of the most challenging things in the world is to change the order of things”. I am a disruptor and I like to change the order of things for a smarter and better world.

I like to disturb the status quo because this is how you win. You don’t win by following the rules. You don’t win by preserving yourself. You win by bucking the system and encouraging others to do the same. For me, a win is creating an army of people and empowering them to create insane wealth and succeed in whatever capacity they want to succeed.

People focus too much on jobs today, which is a concern. That is not the right way to look at the situation: we lost Y jobs while creating X. Instead of building a factory of robot-filled jobs, governments should put more effort into establishing an environment that encourages the generation of wealth.

Once again, success after all is empowering people not clipping their wings and controlling them with endless government propaganda.

At the end of the day, the government will leave you completely screwed if you allow them to. This is why I say it’s time for you to take a stance and rise up above it. You may be asking yourself, “where do I start?”

It all starts with reclaiming control of your finances. Stop relying so heavily on your precious jobs and government assistance and get out there and create your own wealth. You do this through building businesses and now is the best time to do so. Trust me, you already have nothing to lose so go for it.

But before you start, I have a few words of advice for you as you embark on your journey of entrepreneurship:

  • Be relentless because you’re gonna find a lot of obstacles and 99% of the people will give up.
  • Be patient. Overnight success is 15 years.
  • Stay healthy.
  • Know how to manage stress
  •  Seize an opportunity while you can.

If you keep these 5 things in mind, it will make navigating this journey a little less rocky for you. Creating real success and wealth takes time, patience, and a heart of steel. But, I believe you have that in you. You are fully capable of taking charge of your own life, you just have to go out and get started. I didn’t say this would be an easy road. Let’s face it, nothing in life worth having is easy, but it is the road to true freedom. Freedom for you…your loved ones…your community. Freedom for ALL.