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Equality is a Myth

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 31 March 2021
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It amazes me just how many people have fallen for this equality scam that the leftists pushed on us. Truth is, no man (or woman) is created equal. We were all made to be different and thus this idea that everything is life should be equal and “fair” is unrealistic. This is particularly important when it comes to understanding wealth.

A lot of people like to pull out the term “distribution” of wealth as if wealth is just given away. This is certainly not the case. Wealth is not something that is just handed out freely. You have to go out and create wealth. This means getting out in the trenches, doing the grunt work, and building the knowledge that will help you build wealth. This is why only 1% of the population achieve wealthy status. Yet, somehow these socialist losers have convinced people that they shouldn’t have to put in the work to build their own success; wealth should be shared equally amongst all. The fact is, the 99% never had the 1%’s wealth so you can’t “redistribute” it because it was never shared to begin with.

At the end of the day, life is not fair and income and wealth outcomes cannot be made equal. This is a part of being human. It is deeply rooted in human genetic differences, environmental differences, and behavior. We are not dealt the same cards in life. It is up to us as individuals to crack the code to wealth in our lives. Ultimately, creating wealth is just like any other math equation. Vilfredo Pareto developed his mathematics describing the maldistribution of wealth by observations he made in nineteenth-century Italy. Sir Isaac Newton developed his mathematics describing the mechanics of gravity in the seventeenth century. So, talking about reducing inequality is like talking about reducing gravity. It’s not plausible.

Unfortunately, political leftists have attempted to create a phony crisis about inequality. It is merely a mind game and an attempt to exploit people’s envy to garner support and votes for leftist causes and parties. There are two myths about wealth touted by the political Left and their media lapdogs. They try to make a political issue of inequality by claiming that:

1.total wealth is a fixed amount that is there for the taking

2.there exists or can exist some sort of Great Wizard of Oz who “distributes” wealth.

Both of these two beliefs are completely untrue and have no merit.

Wealth is not some finite thing with limited supply. It is created, almost always by capitalism, and wealth is destroyed, usually by socialism. Both creation and destruction of wealth can occur rapidly which is why you have to play the game smart.

Wealth inequality is described by a scientific phenomenon known as Pareto’s Law. In free-market capitalism, a disproportionate amount of wealth tends to accumulate among the wealth creators at the top. This is not because someone is just handing them loads of money and keeping it away from others. It is because generally, people who have wealth have access to more resources, more connections and more money which makes it much easier to generate more money and build greater wealth. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. It is a natural occurrence and is nothing to be concerned about.

In fact, greater wealth and a higher standard of living for everyone at all levels usually correlate with greater income inequality. The alternative to wide income inequality is socialism which provides a low economic standard of living or, more likely, poverty and misery for most people. If that’s what it takes to be “equal”, is that the life you really want to live?