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The Invasion Continues

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 17 September 2021
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A recent poll has shown that only about 2% of people are happy with the way the country is operating under President Biden. I guess President Trump wasn’t so bad after all huh? Wellp, it’s a bit too late to turn back now. This is what you all voted for in the 2020 election despite my warning. Now you are watching just as the tale unfolds right before your eyes.

The socialist regime is coming down hard and it is your life to be impacted the most. And just as I predicted, you are being led to your demise.

First they wanted your medical records, now they want your financial records too. The idea of having privacy is rapidly going down the drain. If you haven’t heard by now, Biden plans to allow the IRS to monitor your accounts. Yes, YOUR bank accounts, YOUR PayPal, YOUR crypto accounts, etc.. I know, I know. He sold you this Robinhood dream on how he would take down “the rich man” and give you back what is “rightfully yours.” But soon you will realize that was a load of horse shit. The deception is becoming ever so clear. If the plan was really to monitor the top 1% from evading taxes, then why would they need to monitor accounts that have as low as $600 annually? We are not talking about people with millions of dollars in Swiss bank accounts here. We are talking about average earners like you. The truth is, they want to know your every move and put you under full surveillance.

While Biden is selling this idea that they need to fund the IRS with nearly $80 billion dollars in order to hire more people, his own commissioner has openly stated that spending that kind of money responsibly is not realistic. Thus, we can infer that the concept of funding the IRS to hire people is merely a cover up and a poor attempt of one at that. Wake up people, they are insulting your intelligence with bull crap like this.

It’s no secret, the best way to control a person is through their finances because money ultimately equates to freedom. “Keep the people poor and stupid.” That is the socialist way. The accounting surveillance is really nothing new. However, Biden’s plan is an old trick on steroids. The IRS has been known in the past to unlawfully give out personal information for political purposes.

For instance, the 2013 Obama tax audit scandal where the IRS was caught red handed giving information to democratic political leaders in regard to non-profit organizations that were made to opposing parties so that those democratic leaders could in return attack those donors and essentially destroy the Tea Party. Not to mention, only 1 conservative group was able to incorporate throughout that 3 year time span due to the nasty IRS tactics.

The Clinton administration did the same, targeting and auditing Conservative groups with no real basis for doing so.  This abuse of power will only get worse if Biden’s plans go through. Yet, some people still aren’t fully grasping the severity of this scenario.

Weaponizing the IRS has been a tactic the Democratic party has practiced against conservatives for decades, but now the target is you. Are you prepared to fight against the financial enslavement that is brewing or will you continue to sit around waiting for your demise? The decision is yours.