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It’s Not Over Just Yet

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 6 December 2021
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“All hail our almighty savior Bill Gates and the vaccine that saved the day!”

The beliefs of a true imbecile

It’s stunning just how many people really believed that the vaccine would bring about the end of the global Covid pandemic simply because that’s the dream that public officials and their media puppets sold you. However, if you were smart and did your research, you would have known that this was merely an attempt to pull the wool over your ideas. It was an attempt to distract you from the reality of things…our government contributed to the development and release of this terrible virus, and it is now beyond their control. Don’t believe me? Just do you research on the letter where the NIH admits to their contribution to the coronavirus, blatantly contradicting everything that Dr. Fauci has testified under oath. Funny how the mainstream media didn’t make a big fuss over something confirming exactly what us “conspiracy theorists” pointed out at the start of it all.

But, no worries right? Covid is all under control now with the introduction of the vaccine. Wrong, yet again! First, let’s clarify for all of you people who are confused out there. The vaccine has not been proven to stop the spread of the virus. The vaccine has not been proven to fully protect you from getting the virus. In fact, the only thing that the vaccine claims to do is lower the chances of experiencing severe symptoms. And even this is drastically being tested as new variants seem to keep popping up left and right. According to UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid, the vaccine is 40% less effective against the latest Omicron and if this is true, we are facing a world of chaos yet again.

Just look at the Covid stats here in the US. There are still about 90,000-100,000 new Covid cases discovered each day in the US. There are still thousands of Covid deaths each day in the US. The Delta variant currently takes up about 99.9% of the new Covid cases diagnosed in the US. However, Omicron has turned up in about ⅓ of US states in just a matter of days and guess what? Most of the people who have been diagnosed with the Omicron variant have been fully vaccinated individuals. So your little vaccine that you thought was going to save the world, really hasn’t been as effective as you may think. The main thing that has changed is that the mainstream media has eased up on the scare-a-tactics and made you feel safe again.

Yes, the wool has been pulled over your eyes yet again and will continue to be if you don’t start doing your own research. Some of you have taken this false sense of safety and let your guards down. This is exactly what these plotting globalists want. Pretty soon, we will be severely under duress again. Their attempts to rip away our freedoms will become more drastic as the media will once again amplify the scare-a-tactics. But remember, it’s really all a mind game. They will try a harder push for vaccination mandates. But remember, the vaccine isn’t as effective as they try to make it seem. They will try to cut off your source of income and make you dependent on them for assistance. But remember, you are capable of creating your own wealth and any government handouts certainly come with a cost.

So, don’t get too comfortable just yet. This battle is not over. Stay alert, stay knowledgeable and have your plan in place. We’ve experienced a little bit of a calm before the storm, so be ready because we are heading right into the eye next.