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Massive Psyops in Play

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 24 March 2022
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How do you take control of the world? Especially wearing pastel sweaters to cover your skinny-fat body and talking like Kermit the Frog?

How does that work, really?

Well, if you’re Kill Gates and his friends Soros and Schwab, you create massive psyops that will lead the feeble of mind and meek of heart to jump at the chance to give up their (digital) identity, privacy and self-autonomy.

All in the name of “saving lives”, yeah?

Governments, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the Banksters are the Elite’s puppets in utilizing data as a mechanism to engineer human behavior, creating a form of digitally induced social control.

  • First, they made the submissive herds tie on their own masks in a bondage contract with their new masters.
  • Then, their lethal injection scam put people on a giant database of good citizens. (That is, if it didn’t kill you)
  • And, to the sheeple, their Health QR Code became their freedom pass in the New World – instead of a symbol of captivity and slavedom.
  • Next up, an interconnected World Digital ID (patent 666)… way beyond your 5th and 6th poison jab…
  • So this is how that works: If in Kanada, an Uber disables your account, because a driver reported you for ‘bad behavior’, you won’t be able to catch a taxi in Germany. Or in Botswana.
  • Then, because it’s so convenient, and you’re a good person anyway who has nothing to hide, you’ll opt for the quick and easy microchip – because why not?!
  • People will not be able to function without being tracked.
  • And then, once all your data is interconnected across the world, the Social Credit Creep can really come into its own:
  • Don’t have a Ukraine flag in your FBIBook profile photo – minus 1000 points!
  • Shop at Subway, or Reebok, or any of the hall of shame companies that haven’t left Russia – minus 100 000 points and no public transport access for 12 months.

You will no longer post your pictures on social media out of fear your dad might earn himself a government lien.

Or, you will no longer post pictures from the demonstration you went to out of fear that your government will not let you go to university.

You might stop partying or going to demonstrations altogether – Operation Self-Destruction complete.

And, some other good stuff too, as always! Enjoy!

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