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Moral Economics – Capitalism

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 9 April 2021
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A lot of morons out there like to make a “moral” argument against capitalism. They say things like “oh, capitalism is not fair,” or “how can a person hog all the riches when so many people are poor.” The truth is these “moral” arguments are baseless. Since when does fairness equate to morality? And how can a person “hog” something that is infinite?

People have to get rid of this idea that capitalism is inherently bad. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Capitalism is in fact far better and more moral than socialism. It gives people the opportunity to be free and take control of their own lives. Socialism, on the other hand, gives full control to a select group of people, who 9 times out of 10 won’t operate in the best interest of the people. Ultimately it comes down to would you rather have a fair shot at creating wealth or would you rather the whole country remain poor and survive on government assistance?. You tell me which is more moral.

In my opinion, capitalism is the only moral economic system. It demonstrably leads to greater wealth for its citizens. This leads to better education and health and political freedom. Socialism historically has shown that it requires a government with enough power to seize income to an extent that the majority of its citizens oppose will. Socialist leaders become drunk with reserve powers and exercise them in ways that are not moral. For instance, insane taxes on the rich to lower the number of income people have instead of uplifting others and empowering them through wealth. Bringing others down is not only immoral but it has historically led to poor education, health, and political systems.

Everybody looks forward to a day when all humans have everything, they need to be healthy and well educated. This is possible through capitalism when used right. Capitalism at least allows for the ability to come together to uplift others, while socialism simply prays on the downfall of others. Capitalism promotes empowerment and freedom. Socialism preys on the innate human nature of one-ups man ship while disguising itself as equality for all.  The fact is people may never be guaranteed happiness when they know that their solid silver yacht has to be berthed next to their neighbor’s solid gold yacht. But it makes matters worse when the government instills the thought that the next person’s success is the reason that you have less when ultimately that is not true. The distribution of wealth shouldn’t be forced upon us and we shouldn’t settle for less to make the next person feel better about their poor decisions in life. If we could reach a level of enlightenment where we distributed wealth by purely personal choice, that would be a Utopia and what is morally right.

So, when people say capitalism isn’t moral, I have to ask them, does living a life of poverty, under-education, lack of health, and forfeiting freedom sound like the moral route? Does preying on insecurities and putting a country’s citizens against one another sound morally correct?  Because that’s exactly what you get with socialism. So, spare me the morality argument when it comes to capitalism because it sounds to me that morally speaking, socialism is a nightmare.