Ziad K Abdelnour Addressing FPC Event
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  • Why we need to make it easier for China to invest in America

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 24 Oct 2016

    I am frankly flabbergasted that with all the economic issues facing our nation today and our dire need for capital inflows to help invigorate our industries all across the board, we are giving so much hard time for Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States. It is a fact that Chines...

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  • Brace Yourselves Folks ... It's Going To Get Real Ugly

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 29 Sep 2016

    These are the most dangerous markets I have ever witnessed in my entire life, and I’ve been investing for over 25 years. Global central bank balance sheets are up from $6 trillion in 2007 to $21 trillion today and they are still being expanded at the pace of $200 billion each and every month. ...

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  • Why Will a Clinton Presidency Be a Disaster for America

    By: Ziad K. Abdelnour | 29 Aug 2016

    For all the diehard clueless Clinton morons out there who still think that crooked Hillary will have a positive influence on America if ever elected, let me share with you the reality of what will happen if the now confirmed Parkinson's disease stricken candidate ever gets to power. On the foreig...

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  • My Best Advice for a Rookie Start Up CEO

    By: Ziad K. Abdelnour | 23 Nov 2015

    I have backed over 125 companies over my Wall Street career and can humbly say reviewed over 5,000 business plans... From start up's to very established companies seeking financing. These are my golden nuggets I thought I'd share with every bright-eyed rookie CEO starting his entrepreneurial care...

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  • Getting Ahead in Business - The 10 Most Valuable Lessons I Have Learned Over My Career

    By: Ziad K. Abdelnour | 02 Nov 2015

    I thought of sharing these nuggets of wisdom with all of our fans at Blackhawk hoping that one day it will make a difference in the lives of many. I can only imagine how going up the corporate ladder or building one's own company is challenging these days - and this to say the least. Every tim...

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  • Navigating the Emerging Markets Of Today

    By: Ziad K. Abdelnour | 10 Aug 2015

    As we at Blackhawk Partners see it today, one of the biggest advantages emerging markets have offered investors is a strong growth story Over the past decade, growth in emerging markets has in fact outpaced growth in developed markets by more than double. Growth in gross domestic product (GDP) lo...

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  • When Performance Doesn't Matter

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 26 May 2015

    One of the most amusing phrases on Wall Street is "smart money." This phrase is used to describe the handful of professional investors whose abilities and foresight are thought to be so acute that they spot the big moneymaking opportunities before the average Joe Pro. The smartest of the "smar...

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  • Hillary for President?

    By: Ziad Abdelnour | 27 Apr 2015

    I have a serious problem with Hillary as President. Why? Well I am afraid she has absolutely no clue of how our economy functions and I blame her too for backing the disastrous monetary policy which has wound up being the greatest redistribution of wealth in human history. On all counts, Clint...

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  • Shaping The US Global Geopolitical Future

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 12 Mar 2015

    Remember George Orwell? “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different ...

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  • About VC Money and Startups

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 02 Feb 2015

    Having been in the VC/Private Equity business for three decades now I am often asked if VC money can make a startup successful on its own and if not what really does it. So I thought I'd share with you in here my 2 cents in the hope of further educating entrepreneurs as to the process. First o...

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