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  • Create the Company of Your Dreams

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 09 Mar 2018

    Every successful business begins exactly the same way – as a concept. Business concepts originate with simple ideas and a vision that most people are capable of articulating. However, developing the concept and creating a billion-dollar business demands an advanced set of skills and resources that...

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  • Blockchain Potential Impact on Crowdfunding and Venture Capital

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 23 Feb 2018

    Disruptive or promising? Both have been used to describe blockchain technology’s impact on business. Cryptocurrency awareness is spreading, and investments in tokens are on the rise. But just how are the decentralization effects of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies disrupting and democratizing the...

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  • How Stupid and Dumb as a Rock Venture Capitalists Are Killing Companies

    By: Ziad K Abdelnlour | 19 Feb 2018

    To recognize how venture capitalists are killing companies, you need to understand how venture capitalists work. Venture Capital firms typically have managers who we come to think of as investors because they sign the checks. The limited partners, on the other hand, are the investors in the venture...

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  • Our 2018 Predictions for New York City Real Estate

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 14 Feb 2018

    With 2018 in full swing, experts in real estate are already making their predictions on how this year is going to pan out. Will rents continue to rise? Will affordable homes be as hard to find as they were in recent years? How will the industry be affected by the changes in transportation? Here are...

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  • The Secret to Closing Big Business Deals

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 29 Jan 2018

    There’s a reason why you bring out the big guns when you’re trying to close a big deal. While all your business deals will ultimately bring value to your company, it’s those big deals that can cause an explosive surge in your organization’s value and enrich your portfolio. Big business deal...

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  • Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence – Facing and Curbing the Imminent Threat

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 26 Dec 2017

    Many of us don’t even realize to what extent Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have already become a part of our daily lives. Every time you book an Uber, your app uses machine learning to minimize your wait time, determine the price of your ride, and match you with other passenge...

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  • Building Your Real Estate Empire

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 12 Dec 2017

    As Donald Trump once said, if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big. No one enters real estate to settle for mediocre portfolio or claim they’re only doing it to make ends meet. If you’re entering the real estate industry, you’re taking on its challenges because the very though...

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  • The Secret Behind Private Equity Growth and High Rates of Return

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 28 Nov 2017

    Private equity buyouts have hit the highest level in the past decade with firms accounting for $143.7 billion in the first half of 2017. According to the Data from Thomson Reuters, the volume of deals involving private equity firms climbed 29 percent to $143.7 billion in the first half of the year...

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  • Physical Commodities Trading: How Do You Make the Real Money? by Ziad Abdelnour

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 22 Nov 2017

    Dealing with the physical commodities trading world for over a decade now, I am often asked this question Well let me make it very simple for you hoping to address it in as much detail as I can Significantly different from the paper trading that banks mainly stick to, the physical commodities ...

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  • 5 Essential Elements to Your Success as a Real Estate Developer in NYC

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 17 Nov 2017

    Surely you’ve heard that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And if you’re aiming to make it big in real estate in the Big Apple, then you’re hoping to take a bite out of a multi-billion industry. But what does it take to fall into the ranks of the richest New York real ...

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