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The Storm is Just Beginning

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 17 December 2020
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Listen up people…if you’re waiting for things to return to normal, you better wake up!

This storm is just beginning and things are about to turn completely upside down. 2020 the year of vision has definitely made one thing clear. We are living in a world of total corruption. Now that this has clearly been exposed, there is no turning back.

The Democrat Party are on their last leg in history and will become an insignificant party of hatred and death by 2024. The Republican Party runs a close second to their own death warrant as a new party will emerge. The corruption in both parties has become evident to the world, and the new move by the United Nations to salvage corruption and deceit will fail.

It’s evident that the American people don’t know who they can trust. Of course they are confused, that’s what decades of brainwashing will do to you. But, now more than ever, people are starting to snap out of the mental trance that they have been in for so long and become real free-thinkers. And as the free-thinkers of this world, it is really up to us to redraw the American economic map and put our foot down and no longer stand for the lies we have been fed.

For instance, it’s time to question why we are trying to push vaccines for the masses after many experts have testified and provided solid evidence that Covid-19 is not as dangerous and deadly as the media has made it seem. Especially considering the fact that the vaccine creation and approval process usually takes many years, yet somehow this vaccine was crafted, tested and approved in about “9 months.” Either a) this vaccine was already in progress because they anticipated this “plandemic” or b) the vaccine has not been sufficiently crafted and tested. Either way this is alarming to your safety.

Or, why is it anytime experts speak up and present real facts that contradict what the media has tried to put into our heads, they are silenced. They’re taken off of all social media platforms, they’re blackballed from YouTube, they mysteriously disappear. It’s clear that someone doesn’t want the truth to get out. So much so, that they are willing to trump over people’s rights to free speech in order to shut them up.

Also, why aren’t more people questioning the connection between Biden and “Kill” Gates? It’s no secret that Biden and Gates are in cahoots and it’s no coincidence that Pfizer is the first of the vaccines to be approved for immediate use. Pretty soon the Mark of the Beast system will be going life worldwide. People are already being put down like dogs in the name of Covid-19. And Satan Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum who also basically ran Bilderberg.

The scary truth is that things are taking a turn for the worst and it’s not because of Covid-19. It’s because we are being terrorized by the very people that we are supposed to trust to lead this country. No one is safe and willful ignorance will be our downfall if people don’t wake up and see what’s happening right before them. We can’t continue to live with the wool over our eyes or else it will come back to bite us in the ass. Get out there, do your own research. Take in the FACTS and make the right decisions for yourself and your family. As the free-thinkers of this world, we can come together and put a stop to this madness.