Ziad Abdelnour Team
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Business Development


The underlying philosophy of Blackhawk Partners business development approach is based on a model of organic growth and strategic partnerships applied to both trading opportunities and asset origination.


Over the years, our activities have enabled us to develop remarkable insights into the physical commodities trading and private equity sectors that we believe are becoming increasingly interrelated.

Partnerships with participants in both sectors , global and local have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward.

The Blackhawk business development team is led by seasoned experts predominately from the energy, trading and finance sectors. They have extensive experience in the energy sector both in developed and emerging markets. Their skill is in recognizing and evaluating partnership based opportunities that are fundamental to the realization of our vision.

Blackhawk can become an equity investor through joint ventures or a trading partner with long term off-take agreements. We have extensive experience in the oil and gas sector and can provide technical expertise to help develop an asset and realize its potential. By combining our skills with those of the asset owner we can create synergies that ultimately generate benefits for all.

Coupled with our inherent trading expertise, we maximize financial opportunities by looking at assets differently.

Blackhawk believes in partnerships. We commit to the relationship as much as to the asset itself.


By doing so, we enhance our trading activities with strategic assets providing valuable insights into market places where we operate while enabling us to optimize the supply chain.