Ziad Abdelnour Team
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Blackhawk conducts business across the globe subjecting our company to the laws and regulations of the various countries and territories in which we operate.

We expect all of our people to fully comply with all such applicable laws and regulations wherever they are working.

Compliance is the responsibility of everyone.

Where a local law or regulation is of a higher regulatory requirement than our own internal policies, the higher requirement will always be met.

To play a pivotal and lasting role in our value creation business requires a long-term perspective.

Long-term prosperity is built on firm foundations. We maintain stable relationships by creating lasting, shared value. We deliver sustainable growth by acting as reliable partners for our clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate and personal integrity in all dealings with clients, competitors and communities, and only work with partners that share this commitment.

We require full disclosure from all counterparties and customers and must approve any new counterparty before a transaction can take place. Every prospective counterparty is required to complete a standard Know Your Customer (KYC) questionnaire.

This is the basis of Blackhawk’s corporate culture and how we do business.

We fully recognize the mantle of responsibility on our shoulders and that we always need to go further. Society expects it.