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  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is a hard charging, brilliant financial executive who can dig into the heart of a company to find value. He is a great person, a tough negotiator, unfailingly fair, and a friend beyond the terms of any deal. I am happy I met him, proud to have worked on a deal w ...   Read more

    - John Fontana, CEO, Hot Stuff Foods on 26 May 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a very brilliant man who has written some of the best comments on the Oil & Financial Industries He is quite a teacher and if you do not deal with Ziad it is you that lose as I respect him highly"

    - Stanton Canter, Owner, International Petroleum Groups AG LTD/ Florida Gas & OIl Inc USA on 23 May 2009
  • ""Blackhawk Partners is a power broker who know when they seize an opportunity when they see it and do not waste time. They are extremely proactive in follow up and recognizes the power of creating and protecting a strong network. One can be confident that he or she is dealing with the best when spe ...   Read more

    - Karl G. Schlegel III, CEO, Blackstar Group LLC on 23 May 2009
  • "Blackhawk Partners is an energetic, well-connected group of financiers who will work tirelessly on a project from inception through development to completion. Get it done is their middle name!"

    - George Stein, Managing Director, Commodity Talent LLC on 23 May 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is a world-class business man, investor and money manager and it is always a pleasure to deal with him"

    - Elie Azar, Manager, Ernst & Young - M&A Transaction Support on 21 May 2009
  • "In the time that I have known him, Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners has represented the good and noblesse oblige that an individual can achieve when they decide to act for the better good. As a friend, business partner and confidant, I look forward to years of learning and success together"

    - Robert Gallucci, General Partner / CISO, Landmark Ventures on 10 May 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners simply put is a rather remarkable man. A unique combination of heart and wit, has a deep perspective in the political landscape. Expert in energy and financial markets and is very connected within the venture community. He gives abundantly to anyone he respects ...   Read more

    - Michael McCabe, Managing Member - McCabe Consulting LLC, on 05 Feb 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is a much-needed voice of reason on Middle East politics, and matches his beliefs with investments of time and money"

    - David Teten, CEO, Teten Advisors, LLC on 23 Jan 2009
  • "Blackhawk Partners has a knack for finding interesting and creative investment transactions and puts great energy and determination in everything that I have seen them work on"

    - Robert Wages, Executive Director - Private Equity, Abu Dhabi Investment Company (ADIC) on 23 Jan 2009
  • "Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners is a trusted friend and business partner. With $30 billion USD in business transactions under his belt, he is second to none. I highly recommend Ziad for any global business venture dealing"

    - Maher Abuhamdeh, CEO, Founder and CEO, Planet Cellular, Inc on 21 Jan 2009