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  • "You want the good news ...or the good news. Ziad is a top player in this market. A man with smarts, character, tenacity, and soul. He has the foresight to see the compelling aspects of a good story and once he believes, Ziad is unstoppable! Trilogy Capital Corp has an excellent working relationship ...   Read more

    - Barbara D'Amato, President/CEO, Trilogy Capital Corp on 28 Dec 2006
  • "I have known Ziad Abdelnour since 2002. He is a triple threat, with strong analytical and corporate finance skills which complements his institutional private equity network second to none. When Blackhawk is involved in a transaction they do their homework!! This is appreciated by private equity in ...   Read more

    - Glen Mastey, Managing Director, TerraNova Capital Partners on 14 Nov 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a phenomenal, dynamic and inspirational leader with a very positive, charismatic and charming personality. His attention to detail is outstanding and second to none coupled with his thorough business acumen and expertise. I would recommend him and the Blackhawk Team to anyone who ...   Read more

    - Sue Wiltshire, Business Specialist, Cisco Systems on 05 Nov 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is one of the most driven, creative, and successful deal makers I have ever had the pleasure to work with in any capacity. His vision in recognizing the potential for multiple companies to come together to meet market needs while creating highly profitable and valuable new companies ...   Read more

    - Darby Hershey, Business development consultant, Various on 24 Oct 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a highly determined businessman with leadership drive and broad understanding of economic, political, cultural and technology issues. His main competence is, of course, in investments/finance and at Blackhawk he demonstrated strong experience in venture capital, private equity, M& ...   Read more

    - Vladimir Dimitroff, Director, PRISM Consulting (UK) Ltd on 06 Jul 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a genius when it comes to networking and the person I know that is best when it comes to understanding the value of building relationships. He�s extremely sharp, focused, sincere and passionate in all he does. Love working with Ziad and his team at Blackhawk as all we do togethe ...   Read more

    - Patrik Eriksson on 02 May 2006
  • "I have had the privilege and good fortune of knowing and working with Ziad Abdelnour for over 25 years. I have watched him develop from a Wharton undergraduate to the savvy and powerful dealmaker he has become. At this rate, I can only imagine where he will be 10 years from now. If you need the job ...   Read more

    - George Bubaris, Founder, Bubaris Commodity Consultants on 30 Apr 2006
  • "There is no fluff or false compliments just strategic and empathetic advice and reasoning . Ziad has protected me with dishonest partners and clients full of market ego . I know many wealthy and powerful people but I chose Ziad to be my� advisor and friend . I'm honored to have worked with him an ...   Read more

    - Cheray Unman, Chairman & CEO, Venture Bank on 25 Apr 2006
  • "In an age of mediocrity and self-promotion, Ziad Abdelnour is that rarest of rare commodities: someone who not only knows the path but walks the path. Many people profess to know how to right the ills of the world; very few are taking action to do so on a daily basis. From the first time we spoke, ...   Read more

    - Patrick Moore, Managing Partner, Moore Vyas Associates on 09 Apr 2006
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a consummate networker with efficiency at heart. As a VC, he is a trend setter whose criteria are worth considering. Reaching such a level of knowledge will give me such a success one day. I highly recommend Blackhawk Partners as a power resource to fuel up first your network but ...   Read more

    - Philippe Nicola?-Dashwood, Founder & CRDD&E CPO, [TechnoForge] on 06 Apr 2006