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  • "In my humble opinion, Ziad Abdelnour is the greatest networker there is on earth - He shows me that there is so much to learn every day....I'm very pleased to be connected with the Blackhawk Partners team and I hope to be able to learn as much I can from this connection, and I hope to be able to gi ...   Read more

    - Torsten Kinzelt on 30 Jul 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is refreshingly to-the-point and one of the first people I turn to when looking for financing options. Blackhawk Partners business plan templates are a great tool to help structure business ideas into professional plans. I hope to have more opportunities to work with Ziad and his out ...   Read more

    - Michael Bruck, Managing Director, Tripod Capital International on 07 Jul 2005
  • "Blackhawk Partners venture capital expertise is without question rigorous in its approach and therefore qualifies real value inside businesses to invest in. I am happy to recommend the Firm to anyone who means business"

    - Thomas Power, Chairman Ecademy on 22 Jun 2005
  • "Working with Ziad Abdelnour over the years has been a real pleasure. He is extremely hard working, fair and a professional with ethical values. He will see a transaction through to the end, covering all details thoroughly"

    - Bill Livanos, President, Marquest Inc. on 21 Jun 2005
  • "They broke the mould when they made Ziad Abdelnour....He is quite simply a unique individual, an outstanding leader with an unparallel knowledge and understanding of corporate finance and what it takes to build world class businesses. I endorse Ziad and Blackhawk Partners without hesitation or rese ...   Read more

    - Steve Higgins, CEO SJH International? on 21 Jun 2005
  • "I find Ziad Abdelnour to be open minded, open hearted and a real �We can change the world! kinda guy�. I look forward to deepening our relationship over time and presenting our entrepreneurial venture for consideration by Blackhawk Partners... that's when things should really get exciting. Than ...   Read more

    - Joel Hodroff on 29 May 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is the rare example of a person who has a handshake that truly means something. Ethics with vision and most important of all, he is HONEST. I am proud to know him and his Team. "

    - Jeffrey Kohutka, ?CEO, KoHi Corporation on 11 May 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a class act! I always appreciate his perspective on opportunities I and my network are looking at. He is incredibly intelligent and insightful on projects requiring an international money perspective. I recommend him and the Blackhawk Partners Team to anyone who needs the smartest ...   Read more

    - Peter Strople, Chairman & Founder, Zero2Holdings LLC on 23 Apr 2005
  • "In the martial arts, great masters usually allow a few selected students to learn from them. Ziad Abdelnour goes way beyond that: He is not only a master - and master teacher - of his (very broad) discipline of business, but he goes out of his way to share his wealth of experience with a large and ...   Read more

    - Ian Herwig Rollett on 18 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is, exceptionally, both a thinker and a doer. Though the word exceptional doesn't really do him proper credit. Likewise inspiring, motivating, visionary and the like - he is all of these things, and more. If you are lucky enough to work, talk or even break bread with this man - seize ...   Read more

    - Huw Owen, Owner, CC4Web.tv on 18 Apr 2005