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  • "Ziad Abdelnour and his team at Blackhawk are no nonsense performer. They recognize value in individual's and supports those who offer true support. Their ability to cut through the issues and define the direction enable them to deliver your dreams"

    - Ian Plumbley, Business Developer on 18 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad�s team at Blackhawk is an entity created by his ability to push talent to beyond its natural creative boundaries. Ziad has a remarkable combination: Presence, Intellect, Directness and Loyalty. He is always inspirational, focused, but leavened with humor. His work-rate is phenomenal (still c ...   Read more

    - Denis Barnard, Director, HRmeansbusiness Ltd on 18 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is the most effective investment/merchant banker whom I have worked with in my 20-year career. His selection criterion is high, but if a firm is fortunate to attract Blackhawk Partners they will benefit handsomely. Ziad Abdelnour is the ultimate finance professional. He understands h ...   Read more

    - Michael Luther, Founder, Luther Capital Management on 17 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is one of those rare people who will unite the world from the top. As a top executive head hunter for global VCs, I've seen exceptional individuals. Saying that Ziad is one of them would be like saying Walt Disney had a gift for drawing cartoons. Ziad Abdelnour is a star, a charismat ...   Read more

    - Val Golan, Golan Consulting, Inc. on 17 Apr 2005
  • "Outstanding investor and VC / Private Equity expert. Ziad Abdelnour brings a wealth of experience plus an impressive global Rolodex to his portfolio companies. His approach to financing is highly entrepreneurial as he always puts the client company's real needs first. If you are looking for a true ...   Read more

    - Sev K-H Keil, Chairman, TrueChoice Solutions Inc. on 17 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is very professional, authoritative and exudes an unmistakable presence. There is no doubting Ziad is a serious player in his field. He has a proven track record second to none. I would highly recommend that you invest time in getting to know Blackhawk Partners and working with them. ...   Read more

    - Simon Warman-Freed, CEO Xploit International on 17 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour has given of himself tirelessly in carving a no-nonsense pathway between entrepreneurs and money men (VC/Investors). In so doing he has helped to de-mystify the arena in which he has gained an enviable reputation over the past 20 years. Thanks to his approach, laymen like me get an e ...   Read more

    - Shaun Gisbourne on 17 Apr 2005
  • "I have known Ziad Abdelnour for a short time now and cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a no nonsense communicator and has laser like focus. If you are connecting with him and his Team to help your business be prepared! I do not know anyone with the same level of knowledge they possess on fu ...   Read more

    - Warren Cass on 17 Apr 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour gives his time and expertise freely to his friends and business associates without expecting anything in return other that the opportunity to learn from one of the great leaders in the financial industry. It is my privilege to recommend Blackhawk Partners to anyone looking to take th ...   Read more

    - Nina Camp on 06 Apr 2005
  • "I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ziad Abdelnour over the past five or more years. He is a high energy, high intelligence practitioner of merchant banking and, equally important, conducts himself with the highest standards of integrity"

    - David Pohndorf, Managing Director, Source Capital Group on 05 Apr 2005