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  • ""Blackhawk Partners is the quintessential emerging physical commodities trading/private equity house in the market. Gets the job done no matter what and keeps you happy. Just make sure you are as straight with them as an arrow. Highly recommended."

    - Jeff Abernathy, Financier on 18 Sep 2013
  • ""Ziad Abdelnour is special. He is a leader. He is smart. He is direct. He is a model. It's hard to describe a man like him, I could use the word "genius" but Ziad is better than a genius. He is simply the best. I respect and admire him. Ziad has my highest recommendations"."

    - Matteo Lagreca, Fund Manager at Ares Quant on 12 Sep 2013
  • ""Ziad Abdelnour and Blackhawk Partners are focused investors, who treat stakeholders with respect. They are also straight forward and do not waste people's time. They also always provide reasons for saying no to an investment and provide excellent guidance, which is rare in that industry. Excellent ...   Read more

    - Nicolas Photiades, General Manager at Gulf Finance & Investment Company (GFIC) on 29 Aug 2013
  • ""Blackhawk Partners are a Powerhouse of Knowledge, incredibly proficient not only in their Energy and Trading Sectors, but also in the areas of Global Economic Progression. Straight to the point, will not waste your time, and will leave you understanding that which you are about to engage in. Don't ...   Read more

    - Brandon Mushlin, Redefining how you get Privately Funded. on 19 Feb 2013
  • ""Ziad Abdelnour is brilliant, ethical, and a success story weaved from hard work, passion & pure intellect. What makes him different is he not only cares but he doesn't rely on his talent, but uses that along with hard work. An image of what someone aspires to be & and a no brainer to inves ...   Read more

    - Mark Hamade on 31 Aug 2012
  • ""How refreshing to meet a Wall Street insider who isn't afraid to tell it like it is and is a catalyst for the true reform this country needs to regain its status as the world's leading nation. Ziad Abdelnour is super-sharp, accomplished and bold, and he truly cares about our country's future -- a ...   Read more

    - Steve Sipress, Founder and Dean at SSSMarketingUniversity.com on 05 Aug 2012
  • ""A role model in the world of global investing with his own unique, stylish methods of high finance, Ziad Abdelnour needs no introduction. He is not only a great thinker, but a doer, mover and shaker. Unwilling to accept the status quo, Ziad brings a wealth of knowledge to the table on many levels ...   Read more

    - Kristine Farra on 10 Jul 2012
  • ""Ziad Abdelnour is the epitome of class and character. His financial acumen, political insight, and leadership style create an environment for success and healthy business interactions, which are free of internal politics. He is not only a financial genius but also an authentic individual. I have b ...   Read more

    - George R Jensen Jr, President of New Business at Lloyd Bancaire on 03 Jul 2012
  • ""Leader, enthusiastic, passionate and judicious. An expert in wealth management and economics, patriotic and taking on any challenge. I’ve worked with Ziad Abdelnour on some projects at Blackhawk Partners. He’s a key role player in the worlds’ most active markets and have what it takes to dri ...   Read more

    - Guy K. Bitar, Pepsi Beverages Account Handler in KSA on 23 Jan 2012
  • ""What echo does a voice resonate without a viewpoint? In Ziad Abdelnour we have a tongue that will neither be stayed nor unheard. He has something to say and through his writing he offers the opportunity for others to give reverberation to his words. Blackhawk Partners offers a simple message that ...   Read more

    - Jay Lifton, Investment Executive on 04 Jan 2012