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  • "Ziad: As one moves through business and life you only meet just a few people who you know are destined to go further, higher and beyond known expectations and you my friend are definitely one of them. You contributed enormously throughout your career making the VC-life and motives more transparent ...   Read more

    - Peter Luiks, President & CEO, Asia Centre for Consulting Excellence on 19 Dec 2004
  • "The efficient allocation of capital is the life blood of the capitalist system. Ziad Abdelnour is one of those rare, exceptional people whose immense intellect, experience and integrity make a difference in the way the world works. He is shrewd and wise, accomplished and insightful, creative and hi ...   Read more

    - Peter Fuhrman; Merchant Banker and Senior Operating Executive on 23 Oct 2004
  • "Ten minutes after talking with Ziad Abdelnour about a startup deal, I knew that he would be the person who can make things happen. Blackhawk Partners has the skill and expertise needed for sourcing and structuring new ventures. I was surprised with how quick they considered serious and sound busine ...   Read more

    - Fadi Chahine CEO, Regional Press Network on 15 Oct 2004
  • "The best I can say may not be a sufficiently good recommendation for Ziad Abdelnour. He is punctual, accurate, and quick to implement new ideas. Ziad helped me a great deal few years ago to work on some financings. He has a rare ability to select the right solution at the right time. If I've got an ...   Read more

    - Serge Atlan, ?CEO, Atlantic Republic on 10 Aug 2004
  • "I worked with Ziad Abdelnour on a couple of projects starting at the top of the Internet bubble. It was refreshing to see an experienced professional with clear vision and a capacity to execute amid chaos. Working with him in the past few years just confirmed my first impression. I would highly rec ...   Read more

    - Patrick Suel, CEO & Founder Acutend and Genentex on 21 Jun 2004
  • "Ziad Abdelnour� s profile is highly understated. He's accomplished, aggressive and results-oriented. More importantly, he has a good character and is someone you can trust completely! Finally the most remarkable thing about Ziad is that in spite of his success, he is very accessible and generous ...   Read more

    - Kirstin Myers, Founder, Globond International on 25 May 2004
  • "I have worked with Ziad Abdelnour and found him to be most honest, honorable and performs in a timely fashion. He has consistently performed as promised and a joy to work with"

    - Steven Sanders, Counsel, Rubin Bailin Ortoli,LLP on 16 May 2004
  • "Blackhawk Partners has distinguished itself by consistently generating creative financing solutions for multiple corporate needs across varying industries in different business cycles. Clients can depend on high touch service with satisfying results. Ziad Abdelnour is a leader with vision who under ...   Read more

    - Christopher Culp, Director Bus Development, LifeOutcomes on 15 May 2004
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a wonderful and insightful leader who can get to the core of any complex issue. He has a great grasp of globalization and its business impact"

    - Deepak Desai, CEO, Global English Corporation on 13 May 2004
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is one of the best deal makers on Wall Street. Smart, driven, insightful and with a list of contacts that gets the deal done. A great merchant banker and the guy you want on your side"

    - Patrick Kedziora, CEO Growth Advisors Inc on 08 May 2004