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  • "I have worked with thousands of business people during the last twenty-five years. Ziad Abdelnour is quite simply the best there is"

    - Shaz Quereshi on 03 Mar 2005
  • "I met up with Ziad Abdelnour recently and I must say that the man has that fantastic ability to be genuinely charming, entertaining and very generous on the one hand, and very professional, authoritative on the other, while always exuding an unmistakable presence. Ziad has a proven track record sec ...   Read more

    - Simon Warman-Freed on 02 Mar 2005
  • "Though cookie this guy, yet one of the brightest kind! Best role model I met so far; one who truly understands and lives the meaning of the word empowerment. If you really made the decision to move forward, listen, ask, think and get involved pronto! You'll be surprised where you'll find yourself, ...   Read more

    - Lisa Bakker on 07 Feb 2005
  • "I see all the iron is in the face as well as under the shirt of this man. Down to CONCRETE and no bullshit. It would be difficult to stop this man from becoming a leader and achieving something many others can just imagine. Wish to add oil to the lofty goals of Blackhawk Partners"

    - Gordon Zhang on 28 Jan 2005
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is perhaps the most impressive person I have met in the context of business. He challenges and provokes thought in a way that can make sensitive souls uncomfortable. It is clear to me that he always has the intention of sharing his knowledge, experience and insights. He knows the tru ...   Read more

    - Derek Jones on 20 Jan 2005
  • "Just hooking into the Blackhawk Partners Team's experience can seriously accelerate your knowledge of the venture capital game. Their insights are worth their weight in gold. Engage with them and you're in for an interesting ride. They hit hard, you learn fast. No touchy feeling stuff, just plain t ...   Read more

    - Graham Robson on 18 Jan 2005
  • " Ziad: You inspire by leading, practicing what you preach, giving tirelessly of your time, energy and opinion. You challenge yourself and your peers to do better, reach higher and live by the sword. A true iconoclast, fearless and truthful. What a joy to know you"

    - Tia Carr Williams on 18 Jan 2005
  • " Ziad: Thank you for not forgetting about me when the Universe seems to be reminding me that to reach the highest peaks you sometimes have to go downhill...I'm really looking forward to getting more involved with Blackhawk Partners"

    - Martin Schmalenbach? on 16 Jan 2005
  • "Blackhawk Partners combines entrepreneurial innovation with hard-nosed business savvy. Their access to capital, great connections and track record make them a valuable connection for anyone who is committed to making a difference and experiencing the potential latent in them and their business. Zia ...   Read more

    - Marcus Cauchi on 16 Jan 2005
  • "Over the 6 years that I've known Ziad Abdelnour, he has consistently demonstrated extremely clear thinking, strong judgment, and access to excellent opportunities. I've known Ziad to be a straight shooter who gets things done with efficiency and a powerful, purposeful focus"

    - Jed Freifeld, General Partner, BroadCap Ventures LLC on 13 Jan 2005