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  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a true "Mover and Shaker". When we worked together in the late 90's you could tell then that great things we going to happen with Ziad. He is a visionary who "tells it like it is"...refreshing in this day and age. My advice?...listen and learn! Ziad knows what he is talking about ...   Read more

    - Michael Gegenheimer, Senior Managing Director, THCG on 28 Aug 2010
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is a genuine gift to the business and political worlds, both domestically and globally. He's a strong, clear and well spoken, proactive leader with a precise skill at successful execution in each endeavor he chooses. Anyone who knows him is blessed on numerous levels to experience wh ...   Read more

    - Nicole N. Abdallah RN, BSN, CCM, Owner, JND Healthcare Management, Inc. on 27 Aug 2010
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is an authority in the investment and global finance fields. His willingness to help others and share his knowledge makes him a very valuable individual to know, do business with and learn from. I would recommend him and Blackhawk Partners to anyone."

    - Abdelrahman Abdalla, Financial Consultant, ME Invest on 21 Aug 2010
  • "Ziad Abdelnour knows everybody who's elite in the world of finance. Full of genius solutions, he has that coveted gift of making the impossible seem easy - and has it down to an art form so he can have the balance ruling the world, yet enjoy life & relationships. Over the years, it's been a tre ...   Read more

    - Sam Naughton, Business Matchmaker (Owner), Outside Insight on 20 Aug 2010
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is one of those, unfortunately, rare individuals who fits the profile put forward by Mr. J.P. Getty in his book 'How to Be Rich', - "It has always been my contention that an individual who can be relied upon to be himself and to be honest unto himself can be relied upon in every othe ...   Read more

    - S Hojgaard-Sorensen, Managing Partner, BM Global LTD on 19 Aug 2010
  • "Without a doubt, a rare & consummate gentleman. Ziad Abdelnour stands out amongst the great modern day financiers. He possesses an extreme grasp on the intersection of financial policy, government politics & the global economy second to none. His desire to share his knowledge & be subst ...   Read more

    - Leslie Wright, Web Application Software Development/Digital Marketing, Wright Strategies, LLC on 18 Aug 2010
  • "Ziad Abdelnour is an incredible gentleman and executive to work with. He is direct, honest, trustworthy, and incredibly hard working which are the exact traits you are looking for when doing business with someone. I would do business with him and his organization Blackhawk Partners anytime, anywher ...   Read more

    - Pete Olsen(Twitter & Social Media Specialist), CEO, Growing Twitter and Social Media on 17 Aug 2010
  • "Ziad Abdelnour has a rare passion for life ... his energy inspires all of those around him and no matter how busy he may be reading one of his 800 daily emails, he always finds time to respond. It is this passion for life and all that he does that makes him such an inspirational leader, constantly ...   Read more

    - Malcolm Bell, Managing Partner, Zaggora LLP on 17 Aug 2010
  • "It has been a pleasure to work with Ziad Abdelnour and his firm Blackhawk Partners. I have found him a regular source of knowledge, inspiration and wisdom for most, if not all, matters pertaining to investment, finance and business. I would have no hesitation recommending Blackhawk Partners to othe ...   Read more

    - Ross Stewart Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, The Oil Council on 16 Aug 2010
  • "I not only respect and appreciate Ziad Abdelnour as a business associate but consider him a friend. Blackhawk Partners was introduced to me approximately five years ago and though ashamedly I cannot recall the individual who made the preamble, due to Ziad's larger than life presence, he was anythin ...   Read more

    - Jamie Lynn Vince, President & CEO, JLV Consultants & Investments Inc. on 15 Aug 2010