Ziad K Abdelnour
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"Ziad Abdelnour is an impressive leading thinker and businessman. He is outspoken, bold, and states his views courageousely (hard as nails), convincingly, and to the point. This forthright attitude, and "True Blue" honesty, character, and experience are found in rare leaders and pragmatic, practical visionaries, who can and will play an important role in making our troubled world a better place. Ziad is a true "Renaissance Man" internationalist, multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi cultural, multi lingual, able to bridge the sadly widening cultural gaps between east and west. His business acumen, insights and impressive contacts globally, can only be matched by the high esteem he enjoys from those who know him. All these qualities contribute to making Ziad one of the more brilliant business-people, and entrepreneurs, with whom I will continue to explore and develop new opportunities with him and Blackhawk Partners, for our mutual pleasure and reward."

- Andrei Peterson, Owner - Managing Director, EEC Management Ltd - Corporate Advisory Services on 01 Sep 2010All Testimonials