Ziad K Abdelnour
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"Meet the True Warrior of the financial world. Ziad Abdelnour reminds me with the legendary General George S. Patton, America's greatest combat general of the Second World War. He is bold, fearsome and he craves excitement in the field of strategic planning and financial conquest. Ziad 's greal success in the financial world did not come about by chance but rather from a lifetime of study and preparation. He is an authentic intellectual whose study of the subject at hand, and his professionalism is extraordinary. What little we know of Ziad's passionate side is only what he permitted us to know about him. Ziad Abdelnour is a highly compassionate and caring leader for all of his hand picked employees and partners at Blackhawk."

- Raouf Guirguis, Adj. Professor (Physiology & Biophysics), Georgetown University on 13 Dec 2010All Testimonials