Ziad K Abdelnour
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"Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners exemplifies passion and a true love for what he does. And those qualities standout and are reflected in the quality of service he provides both to those with whom he engages in business as well as with his fellow man on a personal level. While he is a modern day warrior on the battlefield of finance and commerce, carefully preparing himself and his troops for a successful campaign, he also wields the sword of truth and justice - and gives his all for humanitarian purposes as well. A very much welcome paradox in today's world! Ziad exemplifies the Golden Rule in all he does. If you haven't had the privilege of doing business with him, I strongly urge you to do so. The experience will fill you with riches beyond your wildest imagination"

- Robert Mochwart, SVP, Chief Risk Officer, Popular Financial Holdings on 04 Oct 2009All Testimonials