Ziad K Abdelnour
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"Ziad Abdelnour is a rare combination of visionary and fearless leader who inspires us all. When we think of true Renaissance Men, we think of urbane, educated thought leaders with varied and diverse interests and knowledge....such is Ziad, who is never afraid to express well-considered opinions, to structure complicated capitalization projects, or to capture competitive deals. I would always want Ziad and Blackhawk Partners as my colleagues on any deal capture team. This is a man who loves America and has loyalty to his homeland, Lebanon. We agree on many issues, disagree on others, but I will always value Ziad's wise counsel and sage advice. Besides, he laughs at my jokes. We have too few true leaders. We all would be less if Ziad was not in our lives. Ziad Abdelnour is truly a GIFT."

- Stephen Day, CEO, Day Capital Partners, Inc on 30 Aug 2010All Testimonials