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Yearly Archives: 2013

Is this Capitalism?

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 13 June 2013
I believe there is nothing normal about what Ben Bernanke and the Federal government have done post the 2008 crisis and continue to do today. The Greenspan led Federal Reserve created two epic bubbles in the space of six years which burst and have do...

America Tear down the wall before it’s too late.

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 9 June 2013
I am afraid America makes less sense every day. Little children are randomly slaughtered in their schoolrooms. Predator drones roam the skies over foreign countries exterminating bad guys, along with innocent women and children (collateral damage whe...

Will the Internet ever change the face of Finance?

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 5 June 2013
I certainly hope so….We don’t need giant banks as small banks do much more lending than big banks. It is a fact that smaller banks are stepping in today to fill the lending void left by the giant banks’ still much hesitant to make loans. The only rea...

Have we Learned Anything from The Financial Crisis of 2007?

By : Ziad K. Abdelnour| 3 June 2013
I would say nothing at all…. In fact, instead of changing their behavior to prevent another crisis, the Powers-that-be seem to be doubling down on the strategies that Caused the Financial Crisis in the First Place Liberals blame deregulation an...