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Why People Have Lost Faith in Capitalism

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 4 October 2021
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America used to be the great land of opportunity…that was until deception and corruption began to get in the way of those opportunities.

While this idealized image of America still exists, there is a major problem that exists.

The problem is that big corporations and their political puppets think that it’s OK to treat people of this country as a demographic pariah.  They think it’s ok to take advantage of the system by using their political influence to deregulate their businesses while forcing unfair regulations on potential competitors. They refuse to play fair and will not allow free-enterprise to run its course.

While this is the problem many small businesses face today, it has been this way for quite a while now.  Thousands of companies with plenty of sweat equity and entrepreneurship with a free-market ethos and deal-making have fallen victim to the unfair tactics used by big corporations. That is what made the entrepreneurs privy to the dark secrets of business. And unfortunately, with so many small businesses falling by the wayside, this reeks havoc on our economy being that small businesses serve as the backbone of this country.

It’s the international corporate class that has really mishandled the business of freedom that the world so desperately needs.  It’s the corporate scumbags, ones that make money by extracting workers and their families from their homes and neighborhoods.  It’s the international corporate leveraging roll-over that leads to the disrespect and commodities of casino capitalism used for self-advancement for personal status instead of the wellbeing and empowerment of this country’s economy and its people.

Therefore, when the folks of the United States and the rest of the world are competing and tugging at the same time, they are fighting for the scraps left behind by these huge corporations instead of getting a shot at the full market and it’s just not fair.

This is why Big Corp America seems to have so much excess. This is why they are able to take advantage of the people by doing things like offering low wages that don’t even meet the inflated standard of living and discouraging entrepreneurship. There are a great many well-intentioned families that are choked through a corporate system that collapsed, leading to the insidious loss of American dreams, but the corporate political puppets act as if they do not see it.

America would be better off implementing vibrant domestic movements, as free nations, to be brought back, and re-created, to a truly American landscape, free from corruption, free from greed, and yes, free from the burdens of shoddy international regulations.

And I must reiterate just how much I am not one for the rhetoric that has been espoused out of ignorance of reality.  A corporate representative’s words and policies and actions should not be skewed just by his or her piggy bank.

First and foremost, I have great confidence in America’s workforce and their ability to rise above the levels of incompetence in Big Corp and their puppets.  For it used to be the power of the right kind of organizational culture that set American capitalism apart from other countries.  America is empowered boldly in recommending business concepts, implementing actions, and among them is the concept of free-enterprise that should not be interfered with by paid off politicians and their biased laws and regulations.

As entrepreneurs, and companies, start to pull themselves from their own self-made can, Big Corp should take responsibility for their actions and get out of the way of making this economy strong for all instead of solely for their personal gain. This would restore people’s faith in American capitalism and lead to our economy growing into something much more powerful.