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What’s Yours is Mine

By : Ziad Abdelnour| 16 June 2021
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As I checked my social media today, I came across an interesting debate on whether or not inherited wealth should be outlawed as it enables a large wealth gap. Well here’s my take on it. This is really the world we live in today. A world where people out there are so entitled that they believe that the inheritance of wealth should be outlawed, simply because some people resent and are offended by the fact that some individuals have the ability to leave more money and property to their heirs. And when asked, why do they believe this nonsense, their answers boil down to one thing…”It’s unfair.” You have got to be kidding me!

Let’s be honest here, life has never been about fairness. In fact, nothing in life is fair because the idea of fairness itself is subjective. There’s no such thing as a universal standard of what’s fair and what’s not. So, it’s hard to base an argument on the fact that you FEEL inheritances are “unfair.”

Instead of moping around talking about your feelings, how about you go out and make money so that you can have more to pass along to your children. So what if you didn’t have much passed down to you. Be the start of generational wealth in your family. Wealth doesn’t stem from sitting around waiting for a handout. Wealth is generated by the go-getters who have drive, wisdom and good work ethic.

This idea that no one should inherit the things that their family worked for is preposterous. Where would the money, assets and property go? To the government? To be destroyed forever so no one has access to it? To some random lottery pool? There’s no plausible alternative. If the government gets it, they’ll simply sell it as there’s no benefit of them keeping the inheritance. And you’re an idiot if you believe that the government is going to equally distribute the profits to you.  If it’s destroyed, that’s a complete waste of resources, time and money. Not to mention, what would be the point in working so hard for these things to know that ultimately they will be destroyed. And why create a random lottery pool, when the birth lottery has naturally done that for us.

As you can see, these proposed solutions that many of the pro outlaws suggested are all deeply rooted in envy. It’s not about making things fair, they simply want a new robin hood story, inheritances taken from the wealthy and given to the poor. The fairness bullshit is a misconception purposely driven into the minds of people by the extreme leftist idiots looking for world domination. Closing the wealth gap has never been about helping others to build wealth, but it’s about taking away wealth from those who have created strong financial foundations and disguising it as “economic equality.”

This “what’s yours is supposed to be mine” mentality that these socialist idiots believe in is the exact thing that is holding them back from building their own wealth. They’re so deeply concerned with the false expectation that wealth is something that is given and not earned and it is taking their focus away from getting down in the trenches and working to generate long term wealth for their families. They believe that they’re so liberated and righteous and “free from the shackles of capitalism”  that they don’t even realize they’re merely puppets being controlled by the puppet masters. And the only way to truly be free is to arm themselves with knowledge. Start seeking the facts instead of allowing the globalist scumbags and their media puppets to force feed you lies in an attempt to distort reality.

So if you’re someone that believes that the inheritance of wealth should be outlawed, it’s time for you to get your head out of the clouds and wake up. This is real life where no one is going to give you money, power or anything. You have to go out and grab it yourself!