Ziad K Abdelnour
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“Start-up Saboteurs” – A book Review

Start-Up Saboteurs is an interesting read for all budding entrepreneurs to understand the things that sabotage growth and wealth creation. The book discusses all the essential attributes that are necessary in order to become a successful entrepreneur. It is an interesting read because it also looks at the challenges that impede growth. According to the author,Ziad K Abdelnour, ego, ignorance, and incompetence can be the three most dangerous things that can hurt the ambition of an entrepreneur. As a result, Ziad K Abdelnour offers solutions and possible ways that budding entrepreneurs can employ in order to navigate themselves successfully without getting caught up in irrelevant things.

The book aims to empower newly emerging entrepreneurs to create wealth for themselves and experience positive growth. It helps them separate fiction from reality so that they can take the right steps towards wealth creation. By the end of this book, you are most likely to acquire the right tools as well as skills that can help you in wealth creation so that you can grow your business. You get to learn all the positive and negative aspects of the business world that can help you make the right decisions as an entrepreneur.

Having a background as a finance banker, Ziad Abdelnour� is well-equipped to share his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. After reading this book, you will be able to identify common problems faced by entrepreneurs when they start their business. When you know about the possible hurdles, you will be much better equipped to handle them.

The thing that sets this book by� Ziad Abdelnour� apart from the competition is that it not just offers tips and tricks to make wealth creation easy but also delves into precisely how incompetence, small thinking as well as the ego of a businessperson can potentially prevent you from growing and acquiring said wealth. These elements are considered to be impediments to wealth creation, and Ziad Abdelnour discusses how entrepreneurs can acquire real wealth effortlessly, simply by abandoning their restrictive thinking as well as not defining the outcomes.

There are a plethora of business books in the market today that promise to share tips to thrive in the cutthroat world of business. These books also promise to share insights into how start-ups can turn into successful ventures in no time at all. However, you cannot really shine in your industry without understanding the possible hurdles or obstacles that you are likely to encounter. One of the plus points about this book is that the author attempts to guide us through the problems that lie within ourselves, and that can thwart our own success as well as growth. As a result, it leads to better education of entrepreneurs, and they can stop themselves from falling prey to similar mistakes, thus thriving more in their new ventures.

All in all,� Start-Up Saboteurs is worth a read for all budding entrepreneurs and even companies that have already created a niche for themselves in their respective industries. The book offers deep insights into wealth creation and can be the source of inspiration you have been looking for.