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  • Certificate Of Vaccination ID & AI The Mark of the Beast

    By: Faiz Uddin | 24 Aug 2020

    Are you still sleeping on the pandemic that’s happening right before our eyes? Well..you better wake up and wake up fast as this one thing can cost you your freedom. Your livelihood is at serious risk. Your way of life is slowly disappearing as you know it. Pretty soon, you’ll be a slave to the...

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  • The Mind is Your Secret Weapon: Time to Build It Up

    By: Faiz Uddin | 27 Jul 2020

      Even in the midst of this madhouse we call life at the moment, it is important for you to look for sources of optimism. For instance, the effects of coronavirus have devastated the world, however, this just may be your opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate the road you are heading...

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  • Entrepreneurs: Beware of the New World Order

    By: Faiz Uddin | 26 Jun 2020

    Hindsight is always 2020 but living in the moment can be quite blinding. So it’s time we take a pause and look at the direction that our world is heading in. Hindsight has allowed us to trace how the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression enabled the rise of Hitler, something that devastate...

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  • Debunking the Myths of Private Equity

    By: Faiz Uddin | 09 Jun 2020

    As many people are in search of funding at this time, private equity may be the solution for you. Not to be confused with venture capital, private equity is an investment source for companies in the later stage of development that are made in firms not publicly listed on any stock exchange. Some peo...

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  • Faiz Uddin explains how companies are missing out on customer - centric opportunities

    By: Faiz Uddin | 26 May 2020

    Welcome to the Exponential Age, the mark of the fourth industrial revolution where it is all about digital technology. Even though we’ve all experienced some tough times amidst the COVID outbreak, the benefits of living in the 4th industrial revolution have been a beam of light. The same digital t...

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  • Did COVID-19 Expose Venture Capitalist’s Real Motives?

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 06 May 2020

    If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught small business owners anything, it’s that: It’s a dog eat dog world and only the fittest will survive. The global epidemic has brought out everyone’s true colors and exposed people for who they really are. One particular group that has been exposed by these ...

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  • Beating the odds

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 14 Apr 2020

    As an entrepreneur looking to build a start-up, I’m sure you’ve heard statistics show over 90% of start-ups end in failure. If this fact scares you, turn around and hit the door now because starting a business is not for the fearful. Building and maintaining a successful start-up requires you to...

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  • Negotiating your way to wealth

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 13 Apr 2020

    In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Therefore, building the right connections is highly important. At the end of the day, people do business with people, and it’s essential that entrepreneurs understand this going into any venture. Beyond connecting with the righ...

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  • Will your business survive COVID-19?

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 01 Apr 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a bump in the road for start-ups and small businesses across the nation. Businesses are being mandated to close left and right, cashflow is running extremely thin, and companies are being forced to adapt or be at risk of closing their doors forever. Being that small bu...

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  • Why Do Most Start-ups fail Within the First Year?

    By: Ziad K Abdelnour | 09 Mar 2020

    Why Do Most Start-ups fail Within the First Year? Why does the richest 1% in the world control half its wealth? The statistics according to a 2017 Credit Suisse wealth report states that in 2016 alone, the world added some 2.3 million-dollar millionaires. The report goes on to say that the global...

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